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Comment Why should it be? (Score 1) 278

What would the farmers do, instead?

If the proposed model doesn't include something besides "well they can go on the dole, or into the forced-labour workfare force", it's likely shit. Megacorporations (i.e. mono- and duopolies) having all the farmbots isn't actually desirable from an economics perspective.

Comment Re:If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 3, Insightful) 477

You appear to have committed an error, here. That P=W/t converts to P=fv implies nothing about being over unity past a certain speed, or under unity below it. It's easy to see how a layperson's overreading of the words would yield such a view, however.

Considering your views on social issues, I'm unsurprised.

Comment Re:If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 1) 477

>Are you serious?

Yes. By examining its practicability in the current format, we can guess at how much improvement is still on the cards, or remain in the deck, for various aspects of the technology. Changes to the fundamental sciences are so impredictable as to not consider; so I'm assuming they're precious to basically everyone for exactly the reason that we now have nuclear power and what-not despite at first only having extremely huge bombs.

Comment If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 3, Informative) 477

What's the usual format of an EM drive? Does it go on a satellite for maintaining orbit instead of a chemical thruster that'll one day run out of fuel? On an interplanetary probe for long-term acceleration, like solar sails might? How big should it be for useful propulsion, and what levels of power does it require -- given that heat dissipation is a perpetual issue for small spacecraft?

Comment Well, it is (Score 2) 117

In an era where computer technology underlies any and all business and other organized operations, it's quite clear that companies shouldn't be able to pass for "technology companies" simply because they implemented their own platform. Rather, the term should be reserved for those companies who have no other business besides making and selling hardware, software, and support services for the two.

For example, this makes Uber a taxi company, and Airbnb a hotel company, subject to the rules and regulations of those industries -- rather than being able to make up their own rules with "independent contractors" and "helping letters and renters meet (while handling customer service, cash transactions, and taking a cut in the middle)".

However you feel about the German censorship legislation, the above should stand in any nation where rule of law trumps neoliberalist contract-brokering; which in a liberal democracy it should.

Comment Re:US is far worse (Score 1) 61

I kinda hate to point this out, but English has already enough common names that it's impossible to tell without some kind of official ID that a particular guy isn't actually John Smith. And with "photo of ID card" stuff there comes the issue of "whose ID card", photoshop and what-not being what they are.

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