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Comment It's very simple (Score 1) 7

The user disagrees with you on the definition of "improvement". In effect you're shoving your view down the user's throat, unless improvements are something like "computation now only takes 20 ms, was previously 50x as much, user feels they're receiving less value"; and I doubt they are given the phrasing.

For a couple of decades now we've suffered the meme where experienced long-term users are expected to accept a dumbed-down version of their customary tool in the name of making it "friendlier" for the newbie with single digit hours of experience. Real-world application developers should really be much more conservative about jumping on various UI, architectural, design, and programming language bandwagons.

Comment Re:Trumpeting threats w/o being responsible (Score 1) 202

>Who said it did? However, giving extremists a worldwide platform in which to spread their alternate news is not the responsibility of a social media platform.

Weasel words for controlling which views people are allowed exposure to. There's a fundamental distrust in Joe Q. Public in this reasoning, which assumes that seeing a video of ISIS beheading a civilian causes him to turn to the side of medieval murderers in a lickity split.

Meanwhile actual terrorists with high double-digit body counts have managed to radicalize themselves perfectly well without any public forum whatsoever. Take Breivik for example, with his bat-shit insane manifesto calling for non-believers to be rounded up in cities and then executed en mass by nuclear bombing.

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 1) 202

>If people stop going there because it sucks because it's full of lulz nazi eggs shouting caps-locked slurs at them, that hurts Twitter right in the pocketbook.

That's why Twitter recently rolled out keyword muting. Add slur du jour, problem addressed.

This being said, I've never seen any evidence of this giant mudslide of abuse that wasn't screencaps obviously doctored to maximize internet martyr points. On the contrary, there's quite a bit of maoist peer-pressure stuff and such going on in the moonbat sector; but even that appears to require no suspensions whatsoever.

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 1) 202

It says that their reason for suspending hundreds of thousands of accounts is "violent extremism". Unfortunately no-one can verify if this is true in any given case, since all evidence is hidden behind the mechanism of suspension. Might as well call it wrongthink, not that extremism has any better a definition.

Try this thought experiment out for size: if Twitter's workforce were to try and unionize, do you think Twitter would permit them the use of their own platform?

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 1) 202

For a concrete example, right-wing bourgeois politicians at the EU level (i.e. NGOs and such) have repeatedly attempted to have communism declared an act of terrorism. Their definition includes such heinous things as striking, unionization, the ability of workers to switch companies as they themselves see fit, and limits on onerous forum clauses. Surely that's on par with truck bombs and gunning children down at a summer camp, for everyone.

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 2) 202

>I've never quite understood this argument how censorship actually makes extremists stronger.

That's not the argument. The argument is that censorship neither removes extremism nor makes it less relevant in a concrete security sense, and that censorship is invariably applied to goals that have nothing to do with anti-extremist programs. See the "baby w/ bathwater" simile in my first post.

Furthermore, censorship is anathema to an open society. To wit: once permitted, you'll find that the censors are never wrong, and that they commit no errors.

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 1) 202

That's a silly viewpoint. Certainly we have media even now that's able and willing to pick-and-choose what they publish; given this, it's absolutely necessary to have open fora -- and for platforms like Twitter etc. -- for the presentation of minority views. Such as yours, and mine. As such, basic communication tools shouldn't be subject to a Gestapo-esque gimping. What's more, China's example shows us that the logical endstate of that is private messenger applets that dock your good-citizen points for discussing Scunthorpe, with double penalty for using a computer while doing so.

>Your own wack bullshit DOES depend on similar constructions!

Speak for yourself, fampai.

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 2) 202

Moreover, I'd like to have all the extremist argumentation slapped the fuck down by intellectuals in public. Given the way things are going however, it's as though transparency and public discussion were anathema to those with power to censor.

I mean, it can't possibly be that some jack-ass white supremacist, trash-ass ISIS goon, or wank-ass Hillary Trumponite, were hard to repudiate -- unless your own wack bullshit depends on similar constructions. Then it's really hard without stabbing yourself in the back.

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