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Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 639

Dude, have you never ever heard of people working on their fucking cars? Are you that stupid, or do you just play one on Slashdot? WTF?!

The ECM settings that can be changed without breaking the warranty are the ones that are there to be changed to begin with, pretty much. You really must have not ever worked on your own car using factory software. I've been working on my Volvos for more than a decade now and no, the factory software doesn't let you change the engine tune, or really do anything but what the dealer might be willing to do if you ask them. Yes, even the fucking dealer sometimes has advisors or techs stubborn or not giving a fuck enough not to bother changing settings (at an hourly rate!) that the fucking factory documentation advises specifically are changeable per user preferences. These settings are hidden only to route some more business to the dealer, BTW, there's no technical reason why they shouldn't be exposed to the user.

The seatbelt chimes as they are implemented in most cars on US market are useless. Either give me Swedish system where the chime is ON until you put the damn seatbelts on, or give me no fucking chime. In the US you normally have a chime that'll bother you for a few seconds then turn off no matter what you do. Worse yet, if your order of operations is start the car then put the belts on, as plenty of people do, the stupid chime will always beep at you for no reason other than some designer's stupidity.

The "shitty world of liability" is the one you live in. It's all in your head, a made-up problem. My close family is a bunch of litigation lawyers and even they aren't as risk averse as you seem to be.

Comment This is a ripe opportunity for 3rd party ECU devs. (Score 1) 639

3rd party hardware people should jump on that bandwagon. There isn't all that much to an ECU, the simplest way to overcome Deere's stupidity will be by ditching their ECU modules and replacing them with 3rd party drop-in replacements. There's plenty of vendors out there that could offer such products, the main reason they didn't jump on it yet is that Deere can stop being stupid at any time, making the 3rd party efforts worth quite a bit less. OTOH, farmers may be jaded enough that even if Deere reversed on their IP retardiness, they perhaps would stick with a 3rd party solution.

Comment Re:On the contrary (Score 1) 392

When it comes to autopilots: usually planes crash and people die not because the pilot had to override the autopilot, but because the conditions changed - e.g. one of the air data sources has failed - and the autopilot has failed safe and turned itself off. But the pilots all too often manage not to notice and fly into the ground while under the assumption that the plane's airspeed, altitude and attitude are controlled by the autopilot. Tesla's autopilot is no different. It will disengage when the conditions are too far out of its specifications. And everyday people will get into danger exactly the same way the trained pilots do. Take it for what it's worth.

Comment Re:In other words.... (Score 1) 124

There isn't enough material in the entire Universe (that we're aware of, at least) to build a datacenter to brute-force a 512 bit hash. The Universe has roughly 2^400 atoms, the Earth has roughly 2^170, a billion billion is 2^60 only and you'd be very lucky to have a "datacenter" that can do that many hashes per second. End of story. I don't think you have that basic understanding.

Submission + - DWI arrests are up 7.5% in Austin, Texas since the city banned Uber and Lyft. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: City police made 359 DWI arrests from May 9, 2016 (the day Uber and Lyft shut down) to May 31, 2016. During that same period in 2015, Austin police made 334 DWI arrests.

Whether ridesharing services actually affect the rate of drunk driving in cities remains up for debate. Some studies cite a drastic drop off in DWIs, while others claim there’s no correlation between the two at all. Regardless, local Austin drivers say they’ve seen more alarming behavior downtown than ever before.

“You can literally hear people leaving the bars saying ‘just forget it, I’ll drive, it’s not that far,’” she said of the bar crowd frustrated by the late-night transportation limitations.

With the limited number of ways to get home, Morgan Taylor, who works as a bartender, says the situation has not only caused a noticeable drop in sales but also changed the way she serves her customers. Should someone leave her bar, decide to drive drunk, and cause an accident, the Texas Beverage Code holds both the bar and individual bartenders responsible in civil suits.

“I used to say ‘hey are you taking an Uber or Lyft home?’ now it’s just three drinks and ‘I’m sorry I have to cut you off.’”

Comment Re:What's the deal with wireless charging.. (Score 1) 125

You must have missed the news, then. A lot of them. EU is pretty much the reason phones now use mostly USB for charging. They got tired of the horrendous waste generated by throwing away millions of perfectly good power supplies every time someone got a new phone. Every generation of a phone, from every vendor, used their own, incompatible connectors. US was just shrugging at it, while EU finally had enough and convinced top 10 phone makers (Apple included) to agree to only put out phones with micro-USB connector as a means to power/recharge the device. Apple "complied" by offering an adapter (shame on them), but others took it seriously. There's a law brewing that will make it market-wide and applicable to all phones in EU. They are a big enough market that it had and will continue to have ripple effects worldwide.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 296

The "source" are PCI transactions to the GPU in the monitor. That GPU is driving the display. This is IMHO a very nice idea. Thus far, we've been putting all the monitor hardware there only to drive the display panel; that's a big waste in a way. Since we can now push PCI transactions over fairly robust, thin interconnects that are as easy to use as USB is, there's not much point anymore in keeping the GPU inside of the PC. The interconnect performs the same whether it's internal or external.

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