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Journal Journal: Wow 4

I posted something in 2007 about leaving and I apparently came back at some point, but now it's going to have to be for good.

Some statistics:

On Facebook, Reddit has 115k likes. Slashdot has 400 something.

I think this says something about left wing amateur journalism. Where /. went wrong was the political shit. It's a surefire way to piss off your readership. There were other huge errors but that one was very big. Leave the politics to politics sites. But then again, it appears that /. is a political site now, too. A bad one.

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Journal Journal: Does having all these left-wing assholes posting pay the bills? 1

I sure hope it does. They are retarded enough that they'd drive off any new blood. It's been a long time since I learned anything by reading the comments on any article here.

I post once a month now, and will probably cut even that back. Many days I don't even bother visiting.

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Journal Journal: Multiply sucks moose schlong

Just FYI. Totally inaccessible *again*. Looks like the competence they demonstrated for a few short months is fleeting.

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Journal Journal: Waking Up 14

*blinks, looks around* Hmmmm....wha?

Four years. Wow.

I've just realized that I've spent nearly every free moment of the last four years of my life playing WoW. That's why I stopped posting here, and really haven't been heard of on any part of the net except within the game. What an unbelievable time sink. Even worse than Slashdot!

I quit a few weeks ago. I'll probably go back to playing at some point, but I'd really like to include other things in my life again. I even made a facebook profile.

I have no idea whether any of my old /. friends are still here or not, but I figured I'd post just to let anyone who is around know that I'm awake.

For what its worth, I'm still married, I have an 18 month old son named Rowan, and I'm living near Denver. My website is doing well, but I'm still working a day job to help pay the bills and get benefits. Life has been pretty quiet, which is very nice.

I'll probably post more later...

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Journal Journal: An incident of bad moderation does it for me finally 19

Fuck Slashdot.

I've had it with this place finally. Just about everyone I knew on here has fled the site in one way or another. Almost the last to leave, I bid you farewell.

You idiots ran it into the ground. Nice work. You had a vibrant community and wrecked it with posting limitations, moderation bugs and the irrelevant M2. 'Overrated' has to be the biggest laugh ever. I could spend every mod point I ever got on overrated mods and never be subject to M2.

You had a quite active (at least 100 people that I could identify) journaling circle which left for Multiply about 6 months ago because of all the harassment on here.

A friend of mine left about 2 months ago. His complaint was about the leftist slant on everything. He was right, of course, but that's almost an irrelevancy after the previously catalogued sins.

A large number of the people I mention were former subscribers, myself included.

The whole place is low grade dreck by this point and the articles are the same tripe every day. The insightful comments are rare, and the idiots posting are mostly just that, idiots. I used to learn something from reading here, but instead am annoyed incessantly nowadays.

In two words: bad administration.

Oh, and the editors were often flaming assholes too.

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Journal Journal: I Got Married! 26

Yes, you heard me right, folks!

This is a formal announcement of the marriage of Eli Snyder to Rachel ("Rae") Amber Robinson, which took place on a beach near Fort Bragg California on the 26th of March 2005.

It was a beautiful ceremony performed by my sister-in-law Katrina (who happens to be a minister in the Universal Life Church). Only my grandmother Virginia, my brother Forest, and my two nieces Shyli and Meadow were in attendance.

Rae and I connect on a level which is nearly impossible to explain, except that those of you who have experienced it know what I'm talking about. I've never been so happy. I can't even begin to tell you. I feel like a universe of infinite beautiful possibilities has opened before me. I feel like saying any number of equally cheesy and sappy things, but I'll spare you ;-). I think you get the idea.

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Journal Journal: Post-Christmas not-so-blues.

In past years, I've always had some post-Christmas blues. Sort of, anyway. More like post-Christmas disgusts, actually, after family members spend absurd amounts of money on stuff we neither need nor want, leaving us with wads of guilt about what the heck to *do* with the stuff, plus the inevitable "we didn't spend enough on THEM" stuff, and so on.

This year, due to a combination of factors that led to our relatives not having time to buy so much crap (and therefore spending more money on one *decent* present, off a list of things we suggested), plus our endless complaining about not having any room in the house, we actually didn't have that happen. We got some quite nice gifts, we managed to buy stuff for relatives that *they* wanted rather than feeling like we had a quota, and we don't have a houseful of stuff to find homes for.

It's progress. Perhaps next year we'll persuade them that alternative gifting (, and the like) really *would* make us just as happy as still more material possessions.

Meanwhile, my husband has the week off, and incentive to help with the basement (making room for the pottery wheel I bought him!) so hopefully we'll make some housecleaning progress. I also commissioned his brother to do some of the kitchen work that we now have even less time for, and he properly installed our stove while we were gone this weekend (the previous stove was a built-in, and this one's not, so it's been sitting an extra 3-4" up on the cabinet base for I-don't-know-how-long). Progress, hurrah.

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Journal Journal: Chartreuse maggots

Every year, there's a Christmas present that stands out, one I'm really proud of... I've either scored a great deal, or found something that's exactly *perfect* for someone, or something like that.

This year, I think The Gift is chartreuse maggots. We were in the sporting goods store, picking up handwarmers and whatnot for the hunters and fishermen in the family, and I was looking at the wide array of really weird baits. (Catfish baits don't count. They're *beyond* weird.) I'm not really sure why, but for some reason they feel compelled to put fluorescent dyes in stuff, as if trout are some deep-sea fish or something. I mean, the glitter I can see, it looks like fish scales, sort of, but I don't know why panfish are attracted to freaky colors. Apparently they are, or at least bait-buying fishermen are, so there they are. And I looked at all of them, and found... chartreuse maggots. I'M GIVING MY FATHER-IN-LAW CHARTREUSE MAGGOTS FOR CHRISTMAS!

No, I don't know why I'm so irrationally pleased about it. He's also getting a neato handmade pigsuede notebook, so it's not like he's *only* getting chartreuse maggots. (The suede is not, be it known, chartreuse. It's a dark, almost-black blue.)

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Journal Journal: Multilingual

While I've certainly programmed in a heck of a lot of languages, I haven't spent quite so much time doing heavy programming in two at the same time. Or really, four, since the MS flavor of SQL is substantially different from the MySQL version, though the Gamehawk use of MySQL is rather lite compared to the rather ugly nested subselects I'm doing in the office.

I think the problem is that Delphi is too similar to Perl in superficial details, so I can't keep it as distinct as, say, RPG and Perl. Tonight for the first time I started to type a line of Perl code and had to stop and think about a quite simple function.

Or maybe I'm just getting old.

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Journal Journal: Oink, oink

Our church advisory council, of which I'm a member (actually, one of the few members, since it's been losing members to moves and whatnot and we've been too busy to find replacements), is having their annual Christmas dinner tonight. Five couples, and this year because of the church finances we're opting to have a semi-potluck at a member's house instead (read: I'm in charge of the budget and I'm not gonna spend big bux at a restaurant). Semi-potluck, because I'm assigning people to bring stuff, and only two of the other gals are helping. We're fondueing, because I own four fondue pots, two of which date from the 1970's.

So we just chopped up beef tenderloin, made reuben balls, breaded cheese, and we have cocktail franks (those are hard to find... there are eighty-leven varieties of "little smokies" but that's different) that'll be batter-dipped. Whee. Oh, and a goat-cheese snowman (three cheese balls rolled in sauteed garlic, fresh-ground black pepper, and sauteed rosemary, with rosemary arms and a carrot-and-peppercorn face).

And bagna cauda.

Like good self-respecting geeks with no Italian ancestry, we were of course introduced to it by way of Babylon 5. I just finished making it, and testing it with a Wheat Thin, being that one of the other gals is bringing the veggies for dipping, and the other the bread. Yum. I can feel my arteries hardening already...

Yay for my husband, who did a lot of the work because my back's still out, because I hauled laundry to and from the basement yesterday. I thought I was careful, but I guess not enough so.

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Journal Journal: Ow.

Aside from actual "job" work (I hit the $1200 mark today, which is pretty cool), I haven't gotten anything done in the last few days, because I've managed to Do Something to my back. I'm not sure what, or how... aside from a bit of sciatica when I was pregnant (par for the course), I haven't had any back trouble to speak of. This has felt like the typical worked-too-hard lower back ache, except multiplied quite a bit. Very odd. I bought a fifty-pound bag of dog food Monday, but a clerk insisted on loading it for me and all I had to do was tip it out of the cart into the back of the van, so it's very unlikely that was it. I've been sitting goofy at work because I'm wedged in next to a desk, at a folding table, but aside from a too-high keyboard there's nothing *that* weird about it and I usually feel bad keyboarding in my shoulders and upper back. So I'm mystified, but it seems to be getting better, so I guess I just must have lifted something I shouldn't have, and that I don't remember.

So the Christmas tree still isn't up. Bah.

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Journal Journal: And JavaScript, too

I guess I'm going to have to change my sig. It's looking more and more like I'm going to hire on permanently.

I've stubbornly put off learning JavaScript, though I picked up the O'Reilly rhino book (for a buck; it covers up to JS 1.2, and I have *no* idea what's current these days) awhile back figuring I'd add some bells and whistles once the core of Gamehawk's written. But this project involves web front-ends, and lots of hiding unnecessary selection boxes so as not to confuse the end user, and lots of form validation so that the Delphi program never re-presents the submission form with "fix this please"s (if the validation is inadequate, you get a simple warning or error and have to use the back button... they still don't do enough distrusting of the submission form, but I'll be teaching them otherwise). So I'm learning some of the useful bits of JavaScript, and getting paid for it. Sweet, even if I do have to use FrontPage. (Well, I don't *have* to. But everyone else does, and to appearances lives in the direct-HTML-editing tab as much as I do, so it's really more like "Notepad with some context highlighting and a GUI viewer" and that's fine with me.)

The house isn't getting any more organized, though. Not sure what to do about that.

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Journal Journal: Another notch for my resume.

Okay, so I haven't exactly *mastered* Delphi, but I compiled a program today, and I think I've assimilated all the basics. It's really, really similar to Visual Basic, assuming *that* hasn't changed in ten years, so it's not a great leap. After two days of voodoo programming (copy-and-paste from the nonweb version, into the web version of a different report), today I got to debug, so now I've figured out what's actually happening. The only really new stuff is the way declarations and dependencies happen, and today was all sorts of insights about that.

My husband, meanwhile, is waxing enthusiastic about the potential for quitting *his* job and writing the Great American Novel when our son goes back to school. A bit premature, but at least the extra money's going to come in handy for Christmas.

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: I've Become a Crackhead 6

Actually, it's even worse than that. I'm addicted to WoW. Like, seriously, hardcore addicted already, like forgetting to eat dinner until the middle of the night and getting very little sleep for several nights in a row kind of addicted.

I know myself well, and I have never played MMORPGs before because I knew this would happen. But some very good friends of mine in Boulder are playing it, and I saw it as an excuse to do something with them.

It's fun. It's way too fun. I could quit any time, of course, I just don't want to. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Anyway, just in case anybody was wondering what happened to me -- well, that's what.

Also, in case any of you guys are playing too, let me know, I'd love to play with you. I'm Wolfthraine on Doomhammer and Eliduc on Suramar, and I'd be open to making another character to team up with a slashdot group of some kind. Maybe we could make a slashdot JE circle guild or something.

Seriously, kids, this game kicks ass...

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