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Comment Real estate agents don't work that way (Score 1) 496

I know it is hard for geeks to understand; but technology is not always the best or fastest answer.

Real estate agents have a meeting before the open houses. They remember all the properties agency has for sale, and specially the ones they need to off-load. They need to know off the top of their head. A really important concept called preparation.

The brain is faster than technology - instant search which is what you need in front of a client. You can't replace street-smarts with technology.

Then again, geeks would make hopeless estate agents and sales people as they have no people skills.

Comment It was ok, but not great (Score 5, Interesting) 89

Used Expression suite to make a custom embedded system on a pretty large project. It was good to integrate photoshop files from the graphic designers and convert them to controls. The UI turns out looking really professional - none of those stock standard UI controls and all beautifully rendered.

The main problem with the suite was that, in practice, the design flow is really one-way. If there was a change to the UI, you pretty much had to re-import the graphics, re-select the graphic items and group them into controls again.

For the next product iteration, we went back to WPF mixed with Windows Forms for old or 3rd party controls.

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