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Submission + - CAPTCHA: Why it's terrible and some potential user-friendly alternatives ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: I was Ironically foiled by the very subject matter of this article by Slashdot's submission form. CAPTCHA puzzles are a necessary evil to prevent us all from an inbox full of viagra. However, they're inconvenient, inaccessible (for visually impaired users) and machines are getting better at solving them too. How can CAPTCHA puzzles be made more relevant, user-friendly and future-proof? Will they even matter any more in the future? I'm an Undergrad Artificial Intelligence Student and these are my thoughts.

Submission + - LIfe and death reasons to protect digital data (

mrheckman writes: Sure, those in the information security trade are concerned with complying with various regulatory requirements, etc., but here's how a journalist's failure to protect his data led to the arrest (and probable torture and death) of activists he interviewed:

The article links to an EFF site on the basics of how to protect data. How many of us and our organizations do even these things?

Shouldn't basic encryption of data on smartphones, for example, be the default? Why are things like that even a question at this point in time?

The Internet

Submission + - Sociologists Rule Wikipedia a "War Zone" not a collaborative Project ( 1

horselight writes: "A new study by sociologists studying social networking have determined that Wikipedia is not an intellectual project based on mutual collaboration, but a war zone. The study finds that although the content does end up being accurate as a rule, it's anything but neutral or unbiased. The study includes extensive data on access and editing patterns of users related to major events, such as the death of Michael Jackson and the edit storms that ensued."

Submission + - Solar Cell Arrangement Change Doubles Power Output (

hypnosec writes: The clever chaps at MIT have come up with a novel way of increasing the power output of photovoltaic panels: not by changing the technology, but the arrangement of the cells. The traditional view of a solar panel is the roof top arrangement of several large sheets of cells, in a flat (albeit slanted due to the angle of the roof) block. According to new research by MIT this is quite inefficient. By rearranging the panels into a vertical concertina pattern, much more power is able to be absorbed because of the varied angles.

Submission + - The Fallout from a Flickr DMCA Takedown

Maddog Batty writes: "Dave Gorman ( ) a UK comic and Flickr user recently received a DMCA takedown notice for one of his own pictures (copy ) which had become rather popular — 160,000 views + lots of comments. The takedown was in error (from a porn company) and Flickr allowed him to repost the image. However, the fallout ( ) is that all the original comments are now lost and the many links to the original picture are now broken. Sure Flickr needed to remove the image, but surely there should be a way to reinstate it keeping all the original comments and links?"

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