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Creating a Security Test Environment? 167

Enderandrew writes "Our IT department has been tasked with creating a list of authorized software, and only allowing software to be added to such a list after it has been thoroughly tested. In theory that sounds like a great idea — but how should we test apps to make sure they are secure? We have tools to scan internal websites, and we use MBSA for our Windows servers. However, I'm turning to Slashdot to ask what are the best methods for creating a test environment where I can analyze apps for security vulnerabilities. We're a multi-platform shop, but my main concern is with Windows apps."

Governator Kills Data Protection Law 177

eweekhickins writes "The Governator has killed a recent data protection law in California, and it won't be back. Using a tried-and-true argument, that the bill would have 'driven up the costs of compliance, particularly for small businesses,' California Governor Arnold Schwartzenneger vetoed what some are calling one of the nation's most stringent proposed e-tail data breach security laws."

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