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Submission + - F-35A Catches Fire at Mountain Home Air Force Base (

theweatherelectric writes: Writing for Defense News, Valerie Insinna reports that another F-35 has caught fire during an exercise. She writes, "The incident took place at around noon and involved an F-35A aircraft from the 61st Fighter Squadron located at Luke Air Force Base, the service said in a statement. No serious injuries seem to have been sustained by the pilot or nearby crew.

'The pilot had to egress the aircraft during engine start due to a fire from the aft section of the aircraft,' Air Force spokesman Capt. Mark Graff said in an email. 'The fire was extinguished quickly. As a precautionary measure, four 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit Airmen, three Airmen from the 366th Maintenance Group and the 61st Fighter Squadron pilot were transported to the base medical center for standard evaluation.'"

Submission + - Chrome to Freeze Flash Ads on Sight from Sept 1 (

An anonymous reader writes: Shaun Nichols from the Register reports that unimportant Flash content will be click-to-play by default in Google Chrome from September 1. He writes, "Google is making good on its promise to strangle Adobe Flash's ability to auto-play in Chrome. The web giant has set September 1, 2015 as the date from which non-important Flash files will be click-to-play in the browser by default – effectively freezing out 'many' Flash ads in the process. Netizens can right-click over the security-challenged plugin and select 'Run this' if they want to unfreeze an ad. Otherwise, the Flash files will remain suspended in a grey box, unable to cause any harm nor any annoyance."

Submission + - Cisco Attempting To Develop a Royalty Free Video Codec (

An anonymous reader writes: Video codec licensing has never been great, and it's become even more complicated in recent years. While H.264 had a single license pool and an upper bound on yearly licensing costs, successor H.265 has two pools (so far) and no limit. Cisco has decided that this precludes the use of H.265 in open source or other free-as-in-beer software, so they've struck out on their own to create a new codec called Thor. They've already open-sourced the code and invited contributions. They say, "The effort is being staffed by some of the world’s most foremost codec experts, including the legendary Gisle Bjøntegaard and Arild Fuldseth, both of whom have been heavy contributors to prior video codecs. We also hired patent lawyers and consultants familiar with this technology area. We created a new codec development process which would allow us to work through the long list of patents in this space, and continually evolve our codec to work around or avoid those patents."

Submission + - Thor: Cisco's IETF NetVC Contender (

An anonymous reader writes: Cisco has presented Thor as a candidate video codec to the Internet Engineering Task Force's Internet Video Codec (or NetVC) working group. Based in part on Cisco's own video codec patents, some of which are essential to H.264 and H.265, Thor as drafted is a royalty-free video codec "designed to achieve high compression efficiency with moderate complexity, using the well-known hybrid video coding approach of motion-compensated prediction and transform coding. The Thor video codec is a block-based hybrid video codec similar in structure to widespread standards." Video of the presentation is available along with slides. During a hackathon held at the meeting, some of Thor's components were experimentally integrated into Daala with some interesting results.

Submission + - Xamarin: "Android Ported to C#" (

Eirenarch writes: "Xamarin has just announced that they got the Java part of Android ported to C# via machine translation. The resulting OS called XobotOS is available on Github. They claim some serious performance gains over Dalvik. For them this is an experiment that they are not planning to focus on but they will be using some of the technologies in Mono for Android."

Submission + - Opera 12 adds support for Mozilla's Do Not Track (

An anonymous reader writes: You can scarcely make a move on the web today without tripping over a discussion that relates to browser security or privacy concerns, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla have all been driving home the message that users and their privacy deserve to be (and must be) protected. The browser world’s perpetual underdog Opera, too, has always held user privacy and security as core concerns. In a new unstable release of Opera 12, they’ve added an important new feature along those lines: support for Mozilla’s Do Not Track feature.

Submission + - Writer needs to pay Marvel $17000 for claiming authorship of Ghost Rider ( 1

asliarun writes: Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider is being ordered to pay Marvel $17000 by the courts. It seems that he continued to claim to be the author and creator of Ghost Rider even after he signed over the rights of the character to Marvel. Profiting from this claim by merely attending conventions and seminars is now considered illegal in the eyes of the law, and he needs to pay back Marvel for all his ill-gotten gains, which amounts to the massive sum of seventeen thousand dollars. Gary also happens to be 68 year old and more or less broke. Shareholders and senior staff of Marvel were seen rejoicing on hearing this news, and the significant boost this money will provide to their annual profits and bonuses.

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release (

Local ID10T writes: "We are pleased to announce that the proposal for an Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox is now a plan of action. The ESR version of Firefox is for use by enterprises, public institutions, universities and other organizations that centrally manage their Firefox deployments. Releases of the ESR will occur once a year, providing these organizations with a version of Firefox that receives security updates but does not make changes to the Web or Firefox Add-ons platform. We have worked with many organizations to ensure that the ESR balances their need for the latest security updates with the desire to have a lighter application certification burden."

Submission + - Intel unveils Medfield smartphone SoC (

MrSeb writes: "Speaking at CES 2012, Intel CEO Paul Otellini has taken the wraps off the Atom Z2460, the first 32nm Medfield SoC. Unlike its previous attempt at a smartphone platform, Moorestown, Intel has actually lined up some product launch partners, too: both Motorola and Lenovo will be releasing Android smartphones and tablets by the time summer rolls around. With regards to Medfield itself, and whether it can actually compete with ARM in terms of performance and power consumption, good news: It can, just about. Under the hood of the SoC there's a single-core 1.6GHz Saltwell CPU, a PowerVR SGX540 GPU (the same GPU as the Galaxy Nexus), and — with Intel's first use of package-on-package bonding — some built-in DRAM. Benchmark wise, Medfield stands up to the ARM competition, and edges ahead in some tests (video playback and JavaScript performance). Power consumption is 'competitive' with ARM, but Intel hasn't released any final figures yet. As an Intel exec told ExtremeTech at an exclusive briefing last month, though, the goal with Medfield isn't to blow the competition out of the water, but just to earn 'a seat at the table' — and judging by the specs, and more importantly the Motorola and Lenovo design wins, it seems like Intel might finally have found a way into the smartphone market."

Submission + - Apple transfers patents to sue all phone makers th (

dell623 writes: A patent lawsuit by patent licensing firm Digitude Innovations curiously targeted all mobile manufacturers except Apple. A Techcrunch story has revealed that the patents used were transferred via a shell company to DI, and appear to cover features found in virtually all smartphones. The lawsuit even extends to companies that don't make Android phones like Nokia and RIM, and to Android OEMs that Apple have not directly sued yet like Sony. The business model of DI clearly implies that Apple would benefit financially from the lawsuit as a company that contributed patents to DI's portfolio.

Submission + - Adobe starting to kill Flash (

l_bratch writes: "Good news! Adobe is beginning to kill off Flash, starting with mobile support.

"Instead the company will focus on development around HTML5 technologies, which enable modern browsers to do essentially the same functions as Flash did but without relying on Adobe's proprietary technologies, and which can be implemented across platforms.""

The Internet

Submission + - Adobe to Stop Development of Flash for Mobile Brow

suraj.sun writes: Adobe to Stop Development of Flash for Mobile Browsers:

Sources close to Adobe that have been briefed on the company's future development plans have revealed this forthcoming announcement to ZDNet ( ), "Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations. Some of our source code licensees may opt to continue working on and releasing their own implementations. We will continue to support the current Android and PlayBook configurations with critical bug fixes and security updates."

Additionally, the e-mail briefing to Adobe's partners has been summed up as, Adobe stopping development on Flash Player for browsers on mobile and focusing their development efforts on applications for mobile, expressive content on the desktop (in and out of browser) and increasing their investments in HTML5 in general.


Submission + - AMD eschews smartphones, bets on tablets (

MrSeb writes: "Last week, Rick Bergman, senior VP and general manager of AMD’s Product Group, spoke at the Pacific Crest Securities Technology Leadership Forum. During his talk, Bergman noted that while AMD was excited about the growth opportunities it saw within the tablet market, it had no plans to enter the smartphone space. “We haven’t announced any plans to go in that handheld space. We’ve got plenty of opportunities in server, notebook and now tablets, that’s our immediate focus. But if the right circumstances come up and we can see a way to impact the market, we’ll obviously continue to look,” Bergman said.It is unlikely that AMD will compete in the 'iPad range' of tablets, but with its upcoming Hondo and Bobcat cores, it could certainly compete with Intel in the x86 (Windows) tablet market."

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