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Comment Apple is in the wrong. (Score 1) 57

Actually, shill, no they are not in the right.

What Apple is demanding is better rights and lower prices than the rest of the industry.
Basically they are used to suppliers bending over backwards to meet any price Apple demands just for the right to sell to Apple, but as Qualcomm is one of the free large enough to not need to do that, Apple are incensed.
How dare Qualcomm have a backbone and tell Apple that it must fairly pay the same rates as others?
To punish Qualcomm for stepping out of love, Apple violated contacts in several ways including lowering performance of Qualcomm chips artificially, and withholding payments.
Then when even that didn't force Qualcomm to tug their forelock and been for forgiveness, Apple got some friends of theirs in the government to start an 'investigation' to try and force Qualcomm hand.
All because Apple are being told to pay THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE.

Comment You need a bit of critical thinking here (Score 2, Insightful) 98

Sorry, but you are completely wrong about student loans.

I know its very 'fashionable' to harp on that you should be able to drop them like a hot potato the week you graduate, but that would be a disaster, and in no way addresses the root problem.
Why a disaster? Because graduates are graduates. A large number of them would see this as a free lunch, and jump on it, declaring bankrupcy just to clear the debt (after all, they have almost nothing to lose here..), and THEN starting building their carreer with a problem. The 'punishments' of a bankrupcy will be of little consequence to them for the immediate future.
Therefore such risk in such loans will skyrocket, and availability will collapse, and interest rates will skyrocket.
We would immediately see a backlash from THE VERY PEOPLE WHO WANT THIS, claiming 'only the rich can now get an education!' and we will be back to square one.

The ACTUAL problem is the bullshit worldview that everyone needs a degree. THIS is what pushes demand to stupid levels, and created this whole problem in the first place.
Any sane education system has (and has respect for..) universities, technical institutes, apprenticeships, on job training, and just good old 'getting a job' as perfectly valid paths. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. Only the more intellectual 5% should ever be going to university, and having the other 80% there only harms those top thinkers by holding them back in a sea of mediocrity. Everyone else should be pursuing much less expensive, quicker, and more useful trade training.

But no, we need to be inclusive, no ones feelings can be hurt, everyone MUST have a degree to prove what a unique and special snowflake they are.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem.

Comment The real solution.. (Score 3, Insightful) 98

While this is a good step, the REAL solution is to stop requiring a new edition of the textbook almost annually.

THIS is the huge scam that has created this trap for students. There is almost zero reason for these new additions, however courses often REQUIRE and actually check for them (and often have included coursework, its own scam..).

The problem? This means there is no market for the books second hand!
By allowing a collusion between publishers and courses to effectively kill second hand use of the books, we end up in this situation.

So, just REQUIRE textbooks to have a minimum 5 year life (could easily be 10 years in many subjects).
Refuse any textbooks that are 'licensed' (including non-transferable electronic versions).
Problem solved!

Wont ever happen, people are making too much money screwing over the students, who are too young and green to avoid it.

Comment Public sector unions should be illegal. (Score 1) 200

Correct. Public sector unions should be ILLEGAL. There is really no rational argument for them at all.

They already have a direct say in their employer, its called VOTING.

The worst part is just before elections, where the public sector unions pour tons of their own members
money into political parties, while at the same time trying their best to make their pay an election 'issue'.

If you want a union, work in the private sector. Believe me, its a very different world out here.

Comment Re:Free Market at Work (Score 1) 200

Great, so say the writers settle for an extra billion....
Now, the directors (yes, they also have a guild) want theirs..
Next, of course, the actors.
Sound, Cameramen, Editors...

And we haven't even scratched the surface, those are just people working DIRECTLY on the productions..

So yeah, great thinking there.
I wonder when they will realise that broadcast television is in big trouble, and they are busy helping to push it off the cliff?
My guess is about a year after their jobs are gone..

Comment You seem to be forgetting.. (Score 1) 903

You seem to be forgetting that the person posting that almost certainly knows squat about taxation, companies, or such things.
They are also certainly a salary earner who things THEY pay all the tax, and everyone else is cheating the system.

Deductions have been twisted by many many special cases by SOME companies and individuals, but the basic concept of deductions
is of course core to company tax, and without it you are taxing revenue, not profit, which immediately destroys a WHOLE range of types of
business (basically anything that makes a profit margin of less than 50%... which is a damn lot of the economy!).

Most salary earners dont have a clue about business or business taxation, unfortunately.
They should give it a go, and find out life is not all roses, especially for small businesses and sole proprietors.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

By that logic pretty much no one should be able to vote.
Or do you not think the retirees are going to fuck over the workers?
How about the unemployed?

The only solution to that is vote-by-contribution, where a persons vote is proportional to how much they contributed to the government purse in the last period.
ie: your vote is proportional to your paid tax (including credits for taxes paid by companies who hold a shareholding in).

Will never happen, as people see it an 'unfair', while at the same time crying that the rich pay no tax and have too much control... Well, there is your solution..

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

What a load on uninformed BS.

Progressive taxes are just yet another attack on the upper middle class - ie: the people who spend most of their life working very very hard.
Go and look where the progressions start and end. They are NOT targeted at the 'rich' of course, but at people working often huge life-destroying
hours for most of their lives to build themselves up to a good income level. They are a way to punish the personally successful, but steer well
clear of the actual rich elites.

Pretty much the same thing as the current low interest/high inflation 'plan' that is also a blatant rape of the middle classes, enticing those few who
still have some collateral/savings to 'invest it in the economy' (ie: give it to the rich) to keep the economy moving.

It's going to be a horror show when the middle class is finally bled dry from both ends, and the only group who actually contribute on mass stop.

But no, you keep thinking that progressive taxes are aimed at the rich, because, you know, its not you....right?

Comment Re: Apple "Sales" Are Not Sell To Own! (Score 1) 130

No, you appear to be the RIGHT MORON.

Firstly, damage does not void a device warranty, only on the part that is damaged (if you break the usb connector, the screen will almost certainly still be covered by warranty for example).

Secondly, really? you checked ALL these cases? made sure the refusal to repair was on warranty voiding damage? Thats quite impressive as this case is about a large number of cases.

In other works, stop shilling you moron.

Comment Re:Uber at it again? (Score 2) 168

Or, alternately, the passenger sees the best route when they book, but that can change due to traffic, and the driver can therefore get a better (or worse!) Best route when they pick up. That's how up front charging works. Sigh.

But no.. It must be some evil plan to defraud..

Note the article says it can be longer, not that it always is.
Uber is trash for a number of reasons, but this just sounds like another attack from the incumbent taxi scam.

Comment PC pressure.. (Score 1) 620

You are dead right, we are all so much more well informed and make quality critically thought choices always!

For those who cannot be bothered: an estimated 1400 child molestations since the 90s, covered over and allowed by the local law and council, because they basically didnt want to create a fuss that could perhaps have 'given oxygen to racism' by saying the perps were Pakistani.
Instead, like good little PC sheep, the people in charge turned their back on the child victims, and let it continue for over 20 years.

Thank god our culture has improved so much!

Comment Stop spreading BS. (Score 5, Insightful) 209

Great, care to point out where those laws are available freely WITHOUT those annotations?

They are simply being used as a vector to allow copyright to be exercised on public information.
Its exactly like adding a copyright page to the front of a public document, and claiming that page is copyright, therefore the whole document is.

The fact is that a public of 'public servants' dont want the general public to have free access to the laws that govern them, and are willling to
spend the publics money to protect the public from knowing their own laws.

Nice, isnt it.

Comment Re:No need for backdoors (Score 3, Insightful) 360

Of course the problem there was not lack of always-on monitoring of everyone in the off chance the police nothing something.
The problem was not encryption of private information.

The problem was leftist control of a council where them hamstrung themselves so tightly that they were ignoring child rape
cases in case they offended a minority group, some of whom were actively raping children..
And yet not one single one of those in positions of power who let this continue to happen are in prison, nor ever likely will be.
Because, you know, they are 'sorry', for allowing children to keep being violently raped.

But no, what we need is more cameras, less privacy, more government control - who cares what they DO with it.

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