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Comment Re: Gut feeling says: no (Score 1) 49

Ffs. I hope your related field is not very related.
Do you really think that is a valid comparison? Really? Teaching versus dementia avoidance?

Perhaps you think moderate exercise is not good for general health because 10 active minutes a day can't teach you to run a marathon?

And.. I knew the bar to pepper in medical research had got quite low.. But... Gut feeling? That's your standard to rebut ten years of research? You should work in psychology, sociology or economics.. You will fit right in.

Leave the rest of the grown-ups to do some real work.

Comment Done, and Done, and yawn. (Score 4, Informative) 125

More to the point, I hope he has called ASUS and told them he is coping an idea they have put out several times over the years, each of which was a sales flop.
Mind you, after they tried it is 2012, and 2014, perhaps being 2016 makes it 'new' somehow.

2012, Asus padfone
2014, Asus transformer book

but yeah, go crowdfunding!

Comment Why healthcare is broken.. (Score 1) 460

No, sorry, you pretty much have it 100% wrong.

You seem to think the problem with healthcare is that everyone is not 'included'. That is very very wrong, and pretty much what the healthcare industry wants you tho think, congratulations at swallowing the hook, line, and sinker.

The problem with healthcare is that an essential service, and one which is NOT optional for people, is run at a massive private PROFIT for the incumbents.
They have, for a long time, worked with the government to massively regulate out any form of competition, and are currently working to regulate in all users to maximise profits.

The WHOLE reason Us healthcare (and many others) is so catastrophically overprices and inefficient is that it is run PURELY for profit, and regulated for protection of that profit. Whoever people have little choice about using healthcare - your other choice is being sick or death..

People think regulations are used to control the providers, however it is almost exactly the opposite - regulations exist to stop competition from new providers, and to make sure only the massive incumbents are allowed, and hence there is no real competition.

Compare the costs of healthcare to unregulated services available in Asia, which often provide better service, with the same or more advanced capabilities, BETTER patient outcome records, and at a much MUCH lower price... Good examples are South Korea and Thailand private medical services.

Your governments and your Health companies (providers, insurers, and overseers) and using your health to empty your wallets, and letting the people without enough cash simply suffer, as a scare tactic so they can squeeze the rest harder. Land of the free! ra ra!

Comment No, this has nothing to do with Google. (Score 5, Insightful) 465

Let me tell you a story..

An experimental artist did some work, pinned it up to the public noticeboard at the load library.
He notice some people looking at it, so made more, kept pinning it up. Never kept any copies, just pinned the originals up.
The noticeboard had plenty of empty space, and he was enjoying this.
Some people even pinned up notes making comments on his work
After a few years, the noticeboard was taken down, because the library had been been reorganising, and there were now bookshelves there.

The artist stood in front of the library, complaining to everyone who walked past 'they took down my artwork!!! its not fair!!'

Perhaps he should have gone to librarian and asked very nicely if they still had the old noticeboard content, because he had been foolish enough to
not keep any copies, and would really like to actually have kept some of it.

But no, he just kept complaining to random passers by, hoping that would somehow help.

Comment Punish the serf class. (Score 2, Insightful) 238

This looks a lot like punishment for the unwashed masses for their vote of no confidence in the Politicians (both sides) that the BRExit vote looked like.
I see a large number of the voters in that were voting against the politicians in one of their few chances (elections are not, as you have to vote for
politicians on one side or the other..) due to the complete lack of representation that seems to be in fashion these days, where bills are either pushed through
to support loud minorities 'See! The Government does care!' or corporate sponsors 'We need to protect trade, the economy, jobs!'

It is interesting to watch the developing class wars between those in power and those not, however I am a little surprised that the UK is that close to the leading edge of it - racing to catch up to the US?

This is not spying, which implies some form of balance or power and care, this is just collecting the ability to go hunt for historical dirt on anyone who dares challenge the powerbase.

Left or Right? Socialist or Capitalist? That is long gone, what we have now is the building of totalitarian states with the illusion of democracy, and that is
unfortunately a world wide (mostly) problem. It will not be controlled unless the masses can put aside the petty arguments bout side issues, and address
this elephant in the room.

Unfortunately reality television, cooking competitions, and social justice for [insert this weeks cause] trumps that it seems. Sad times.

Comment Re: median vs average (Score 1) 622

Putting diesel through a petrol engine does absolutely no damage at all other than stopping it running until it is drained out.
Petrol in a diesel will most likely blow the head gasket at a minimum.. And often much worse.
Just in case you thought you had a point.

Other than that.. You are an entitled moron. Second hand cars are a perfectly valid and sensible option for many consumers.

Comment Re: median vs average (Score 1) 622

Sorry but you don't have a clue..

Fuel injectors get blocked because of a foreign object blocking them. No about of cleaning will stop this unlikely event happening in the future.. It is not a cumulative problem.
Combined with the fact that usually they don't even bother reverse flushing the injectors (which is the only kind of clean that would matter) means you are just passing stupid tax unless an injector has actually become blocked.

Comment Standard bureaucrat protection technique. (Score 4, Insightful) 87

Much more likely, this is a move by the bureaucrats controlling this area, who are having their budgets squeezed because central government (rightly or wrongly) feel they need to spend less, so are planning to cut the most newsworthy part of their service to get attention and protect their budgets.

That is how these things usually go. Publicly funded hospitals always cut patient services before anything else, Schools increase staff/child ratios, Transport cuts services at peak times, etc.

The only thing worse is unionised public servants, who really are on the double-take, since there is little downside to their bosses paying them more as it is 'free' money, and they get the double whammy of working for a votes government, AND having union muscle.

Welcome to another facet of the bleeding dry of the working middle class.

Comment Umm... No (Score 5, Informative) 132

Unfortunately, if he thinks ' the design would allow them to be made as durable and safe as standard automotive wheels' them he has a nasty surprise coming.
Of course technically he is probably partially correct - the rims would post no problem.

However the tyres themselves? Not a chance, sorry.

Standard modern tyres combine a lot of technology to make them work as well as they do in griping, and most of that technology basically results in them not having a round cross section. The main width of the tread is close to flat, the sidewalls and base contain strong reinforcing bands, the bead carries large loads and the tread depth varies greatly from the center to the edges - all of this contributes to their effectiveness.

His 'invention' required the tyre to return to being a true 'doughnut' torus shape, which is a TERRIBLE shape for a tyre if you want any traction, as the contact patch is tiny. His invention also requires the torus to rotate on itself, placing huge stress on the inner and outer surfaces as it rotates sideways, which will result is high wear and low lifespan.

Basically, sorry but it is a non-starter for anything outside short lifespan, low load and low speed applications, and problem that is already well solved with sidewinder/mechanum 'tyres' which are a group of cones, and suffer for less issues than his system would (although speed is still a major issue, and traction a medium one)

Still, the media will love it, and people will 'wow' at the example video. A set of car wheel skates/dollies let you push a car around like this at low speed quite easily already, and have been around for a long LONG time - and are about as practical.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 4, Interesting) 485

I hear what you are saying, but I suspect you are missing one basic part of human psychology.

I have spent quite some time around motor racing, including being a passenger with some very good track drivers (much better than I will
ever be) is some very fast 2 seaters. There is one thing that will ALWAYs happen in such a situation, after a few laps the passenger will
have a very sore braking leg. The reason is that it is pretty much impossible NOT to push your foot, even on a non-existent brake, as you
hurtle beyond what you believe is the safe point towards a collision - unless you are unaware of the collision. You will literally try and push
your foot through the floor trying to help the driver stop ;)

Of course I think the truck driver is being rather 'creative' here also, however in this case the telemetry will tell pretty much all, and even if we
never know, the powers that be will know the speed, control inputs, etc that the car had before, during, and after the crash.

None of this makes it any better for the driver, his family, the truck driver, or anyone else involved.
But come on people, pointing the finger at Tesla really is a step too far. It is like blaming the national mint for a bank robbery.

Comment Re:By far... (Score 4, Informative) 485

Yes, I know, jealousy of Musk is a big motivation for you people to hate on him, however if we ignore that for a second..

The point here is someone knowingly placed their life in the hands of automation, and paid the price for that. Real world
conditions mean that automation is NEVER perfect, and this is new automation at the cutting edge (sigh) of such things.

The larger issue to me is why the DRIVER did not notice a truck across the road in front of them. Are we to believe that
the software should have spotted it, and yet it was so hard to spot that a driver who was paying attention could not? That
would certainly stretch the bounds of credibility quite far.

It seems quite clear here that the driver was not watching the road ahead - in fact was ignoring it enough to not notice a
whole, large truck trailer unit turn in front of them in clear view. In other words they were, unfortunately for them, doing
something stupid.

But no, people are going to try and blame automation, because otherwise it would be a dead person at fault.. And that is
just not nice, right? However, this is NOT a case where a driver jumped on the brakes and they did not work, or tried
to turn the car and it went straight ahead (at least none of that is being claimed). It is a case where a driver of a car
at speed was not aware of the road directly ahead of them, that makes this border on a darwin here folks..

Comment Re:WTF is happening (Score 1) 198

Are you new to this?

Seriously, schools these days are run for the benefit of the administrators first, and the teachers second, the children are somewhere down in the double digits I suspect. For any changes in teaching you probably need to look at the question of 'will this reduce staff numbers, or make dealing with the teachers union easier' because those are the two primary questions.

We are seeing 5 and 6 year olds coming home proudly telling mummy that they have been 'learning mindcraft' at school today (replace the d with and e and you will find out what they were playing if it is not obvious). While it may contain a few ounces of educational content for somewhat older children, it is just being used as brain candy for those poor kids, and this will just be more of the same.

This is an old technique, known as 'hook them while they are young' for those who dont realise. It was what first made apple big (the old apple that was, late days of apple II and early days of mac) where they basically gave products to schools (these days they use Ipads, and for some reason often make more than retail for their efforts, which is a separate issue).

The ONLY solution is to tie the school up by continuously questioning the school at all levels, and it will take a lot of parents to do that. Teachers (well, the bad ones at least) HATE dealing with parents, as do the administrators. It is their weakness. You are NOT wasting their time if there is a real issue, and there is a hope (if small) that you can push change if they have to talk to you enough, because they will do anything to avoid that. You need enough parents doing it so that they cannot pick on a couple of individuals children as payback. Get organised. Terrifying that it comes to that, but there you go.

Comment Re:The shifter is always in the same position (Score 1) 365

You have never driven a 760 BMW or an e55 AMG have you...
Ie: you dont know what the fuck you are talking about.

FWIW, as you like pickup trucks, I am also willing to bet you would have trouble actually driving an e55 AMG, even with its automatic.
You would probably wrap it round a tree at the first real corner, but I know a few 'non-drivers' who can make them sing.

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