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Comment Once Again: Cloud == Someone Else's Computer (Score 1) 465


He probably bragged that he didn't need to do anything to protect it, it was "in the cloud, on Google's servers."I have heard that from to many idiots. This makes me wonder even more about how stupid some small startups are to host their companies email on GMail.

Comment Prevents loss of real rental property. (Score 1) 211

In Vancouver BC, there is already a low vacancy rate for apartment rentals. AirBnB rentals have skyrocketed here and have been a significant factor driving availability for people who live and work here significantly lower. People are either buying condos to rent on AirBnB or people are renting and illegally subletting to AirBnB 'customers' as they can profit over what they pay in rent. I know of several who do this, some in the same building. And yes, living in a place where many are transient is not desirable. Even if some here don't believe it would attract more crime, the truth is, places where people are transient do have higher property and other crime. As well people who are not personally invested in a place will not as a whole treat it well. In condos and long term rental buildings, this can lead to a kind of negligent vandalism that decreases quality of life for the actual residents. AirBnB while a good idea for occasional use, is terrible when people build businesses with it in places that are meant to serve the community's housing needs.

Comment Purpose of Business Software (Score 1) 145

The purpose of business software is to support the business. Not vice versa. Businesses requirements have scope and deadlines. Software developers are responsible for telling the business how long it will take to achieve the scope, and work with the business to set the expectations and deliver on time and budget. Business needs almost always involve far more than just the development shop: advertising (which means customer expectations... which can kill a company when it doesn't deliver) and regulatory complianc are two big ones that come to mind. The original AT&T failed miserably to deliver software the FCC said was required to provide cell phone number portability which caused huge fines to be levied against them, backlash from customers, and their stock to drop so that Southwest Bell could buy them out and become the "New AT&T". Development supports the business and agile doesn't support hard set/business due dates.

Comment Re:What a coincidence... (Score -1, Redundant) 231

So you agree with the hashtag #killallmen? You know there is a difference between being a feminist and being a cunt. Most feminists conflate the two. You appear to be one of them. The Koch brothers endorse Clinton too. So google is in good company it seems. You wouldn't be a Koch Enterprises shill would you? I hear they pay well for right wing astroturfers ... I mean grassroots "volunteers."

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