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Submission + - DISH let's you watch commercial-free TV (usatoday.com)

therealobsideus writes: "There are many people who use home media center software like the SageTV PVR to view their content, whether it's live TV shows or movies. However, until recently, commercial skipping on previously recorded content was only available as a plugin. ReplayTV, the last company to offer a PVR with built-in commercial skipping, went bankrupt a few years after their product launched over lawsuits. But that didn't stop DISH from announcing the ability for their customers to watch commercial-free TV on certain primetime recordings. In a time where most providers are trying to figure out how to provide more relevant advertising, it seems that DISH is enabling customers to not watch advertisements at all."

Submission + - CableTV downfall vs. Internet Rise: Provider Panic (stormsector.com) 1

StormSector writes: Cable TV giants are starting to panic over low cost and free alternatives to entertainment. Providers are reporting significant decreases in customers not because they are going to satellite, because they've found something better: the internet. Insider information obtained from two of the leading cable television providers shows how they are training call center employees to aggressively retain customers at all costs including "lies" and "diffusion" techniques. This article exposes those tactics and raises awareness that in this economic crunch, consumers are being pushed to cost cut in all areas including television. There are numerous alternatives to overpriced cable television most of the public is not aware of, including the availability of free high definition programming. Maybe it's time to drop cable?

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