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Comment Re: Seems reasonable (Score 1) 292

What about prevention of recidivism? The Catholic priest abuse scandal happened because leaders turned a blind eye to recidivism and failed to warn or detect targets being groomed. Shouldn't treatment science or statistics be a basis for determining whether recidivism is an intolerable risk? Perhaps lists should be easier to exit based on psychological evidence but to advocate eliminating them entirely is to forget the hard lessons we have learned.

Comment Re: No choice (Score 1) 440

Socialism rests on the idea that the economic pie is static and can't grow and thus one group can acquire all the stuff . Ludites similarly believe there are a ridiculously small number of ideas for prodects or services and one group (machines) can take all the jobs. The agricultural revolution is a great example of the falicy of both ideas. Automation both grew the pie by making food cheaper and grew the number of types of jobs from nearly one to what we have today.

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 572

You have bought the "not marked" lie Clinton hoped would confuse uninformed people. General Petreus pled guilty to disclosing unmarked handwritten notes of meetings to his mistress. "Marking " is irrelevant. Knowing or being on notice is sufficient. Hillary's only real defense is "I didn't know". But that defense hurts her because it demonstrates utter incompetence so she hasn't been using it.

Comment Attorney goof? (Score 2) 138

The cost of a credit protection service enrolled in as a precaution is damage enough. This is a forseeable injury regardless of actual fraud. The class representatives could have subscribed to some service and pled the class as existing of all persons that incurred this expense. The result is the negligent company is held accountable and other companies are on notice that they will be held accountable. If there was actual fraud for some persons, it would destroy the commonality requirement for class certification; the persons suffering fraud would all have had different levels and types of damages.

Comment Maybe Slashdotters need a tech analogy. (Score 1) 348

As usual for Slashdot, the article description doesn't track TFA (any of them) and misses the truth. First off, the cited article doesn't talk about this guy convincing banks to create products he bet against. Rather, he noticed that the market was using insane valuations for subprime mortgages and bet against them. That is smart, not evil. To use a tech analogy, what if IT Joe recognized a Zero Day exploit, implemented a fix, warned everyone, then sat back as his network survived and everyone else's were trashed? No one here would call IT Joe a villain. No the real reason Paulson is hated is envy. Just be real, he has more than you and you want it.

Comment Re:Peculiarities? (Score 1) 307

"Buying bits of corporations" does not avoid tax on income. Income is taxed when it is recieved. Investing after tax income allows dividends to be taxed at capital gains rates. This rate is set to encourage investment in the economy and to recognize the corporation already paid taxes on money distributed to investors.

Placing income producing assets in a corporation will, however, cause income to be taxed at the corporate rate and avoid tax.

You should be "buying bits of corporations" every chance you get. Not because it avoids taxation but because your money is rotting with the high inflation created to artificially lower interest rates.

Comment Re:Peculiarities? (Score 1) 307

This is normal - the rich don't pay tax.

The normal thing here is someone on Slashdot didnt read the TFA. The debate is about corporate taxation not "the rich". The individuals still pay the tax on wages.
It is fair (intellectually, not necissarily a correct posititon) to argue that income should be taxed twice, once at the corporation an once with the investor / employee. It is also fair (intellectually, not necissarily a correct posititon) to debate deductions. But it is knee jerk illogic to confuse a debate about corporate taxation with the debate whether "the rich" pay their fair share.

Comment Re:Remove the yoke of Monsanto! (Score 1) 377

FYI the cleaning and planting in season 2 is an intentional act. The farmer that buys the Round Up Ready seed is well informed and actually signs an agreement not to clean and re-plant. The agreement actually requires practices to reduce cross-pollination. For example, in corn crops, detassling

The usual poorly informed Slashdot debate has focused on accidental cross-polination. That is not the issue. We can debate the efficacy of patents and other intellectual property protections in spurring innovation and I am not completely convinced either way. I know Round Up Ready is very effective but over used to the point of creating resistant weeds. But that doesn't change the issue at work here that Monsanto is targeting intentional conduct not accidental. Granted, accidental cross-pollination may occur.

Signed: A farmer's son.

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