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Comment Re:"Concerns" (Score 1) 61

I for one am happy to have the chance to produce a working set of fingers for my daughter, while waiting for pediatric i-limb digits type devices to a) exist and b) cost less than $100K. Currently available prosthetic devices are also crazy expensive for what they are and have less functionality than the robohand. It can be scaled to grow with her, I can make improvements as they come from the community, use custom colors, etc. So yeah...bite it haters. Hard.

Comment Re:Bad analogy is bad (Score 1) 285

"That's where the ATV and solitare analogies don't make sense. If you wanted those analogies to be fair, you'd have to say that the ATVs were custom built for golf and those ATVs should be banned everywhere forever by law because they were used on one golf course. If I made a cheat friendly solitaire program, and used it to cheat, it is reasonable to ban me from using it on specific systems where the TOS disallow it, but to say that the program I wrote is itself illegal and can never be used, sold or given to anyone because it broke the rules on one system; that's just wrong."

Seems like they built a Blizzard-Terrain Hack Vehicle and not an All-Terrain Hack Vehicle, so there may be some weakness in your analysis.

Submission + - Tesla car fire worries investors ( 1

SternisheFan writes: DETROIT
Tesla Motors Co shares fell 6 percent on Wednesday after an automotive blog published images of a Model S electric sedan in flames after an accident on Tuesday morning just south of Seattle, Washington.

The blog, called Jalopnik, posted pictures and a video of the Model S fire on Wednesday. Tesla confirmed the authenticity of the images and said the car caught fire after the driver ran over a "large metallic object" causing extensive damage to the front end of the car.

Tesla shares fell 6.2 percent to $180.95 on the Nasdaq, their biggest one-day decline since mid-July.

It is unclear if the Model S lithium-ion battery pack was damaged. Firefighters found it difficult to quash the flames, and fire damage made it tough to determine the impact of the object on the car, Chris Webb, a spokesman for the Washington State Patrol said.

The driver told state troopers that he struck metal debris while on State Route 167 around 8:18 a.m. local time on Tuesday, in Kent, a city located some 20 miles south of Seattle, he said.

The car's alert system instructed the driver to pull over and he got off the highway and out of the vehicle, Tesla said in a statement.

"The driver stated that he began to smell something burning and a short time later the vehicle caught on fire," Webb said, citing information from the state trooper investigating the incident.

"It took the fire department several attempts to extinguish the flames as it kept reigniting," Webb said in an email. The car's tires were burned up and officials dispatched a flat bed truck to remove the car, he said.

Comment Re:useless article (Score 4, Informative) 198

Totally wrong on the puddle, not bothering with the rest.


"The corresponding annual effective dose, based on 700 hours of flight for subsonic aircraft and 300 hours for the Concorde, can be estimated at between 200 mrem for the least exposed routes and 500 mrem for the more exposed routes."

500 mrem is equal to 5 millisievert. So 100 msv is equal to 20 years of commercial airline employee exposure. In one hour.

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