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Submission + - Paypal alternatives? 6

dotancohen writes: It seems that everything that I used to do with Paypal is gone, and nobody has found a good alternative yet. This month I tried donating to Anki (but Paypal is no longer serving Japan for donations) and Virtual Identity (which stopped accepting Paypal due to the Wikileaks incident). The authors of both software are looking for alternatives. What can we recommend to them? What reliable and inexpensive money-transfer services exist today? What do you use?
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Amazing Second Life money and growth analysis

wjamesau writes: "In the ongoing debate on whether Second Life is too hyped or not hyped enough, here's another analysis to look at:

According to figures compiled by a VP with financial giant HSBC, active Second Life Residents are spending an amazing average of $50-60 worth in Linden Dollars in user-to-user transactions a week each, and the growth rate of active users (based on current trajectory) will be anywhere from 600,000 to 1.6 million by this April. "[T]his type of growth," the analyst concludes, "mirrors some of the growth patterns we've seen in the early days of the commercial web and seem to support the contention that Linden Lab is going to be a very strong player in the future."

But is he right? The debate continues."

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