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Submission + - iPhone data leads to rape charges being dropped ( 1

one eyed kangaroo writes: The Age reports that a Sydney man has used deleted iPhone messages to have serious charges against him dropped.
"In what may be the first time an iPhone's elephantine memory has saved someone accused of a serious crime, deleted data retrieved by a leading surveillance expert appears to have led to the dropping of five rape charges against a Sydney man." His lawyer said, "'Without the ability of Coulthart to drag the content out, a man's life may have been ruined'.'


Submission + - Brian Cantrill leaves Oracle ( 1

dzr0001 writes: Distinguished Developer Brian Cantrill leaves Sun Microsystems after 14 years. He was responsible for contributing to technology such as DTrace, Sun Unified Storage, and for epic lulz After losing such talent as Brian and James Gosling this year, who will be left for Oracle to use to contribute to their product lines?

Submission + - Penny-Arcade annouces PAX 10 Finalists (

An anonymous reader writes: Penny-Arcade has announced the 10 independent video games to be showcased at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington this September.

Submission + - Tools to analyse Google History? ( 1

Black Sabbath writes: I need to tap the Slashdot hivemind. I'm faced with a distrusting spouse and want to show her my Google history. However my history goes back to 2006 — there are literally tens of thousands of entries. I've tried searching for analysis tools using the following query: +"google history" +analysis -"history of google" +statistics — to no avail. Do any slashdotters know of a tool/script that can parse the Google History output and provide some simple stats e.g. distinct sites x no. of visits — that sort of thing. I know that this is futile on one level — no amount of "evidence" (especially the kind with a "delete" function) can cure distrust. She's a non-IT, non-geek and really just doesn't understand why I spend "so much" time (an hour a day at home if I'm lucky) on the computer. Help me Slashdot, you're my only hope.

Submission + - SPAM: Anti-Israel Google map markings to be filtered

Anti-Globalism writes: "Google was criticized in recent months for a series of orange markings overlaying the satellite map of Israel that were labeled "Nakba — The Palestinian Catastrophe." These were placed by Jenin resident Thameen Darby, and clicking on them led to the anti-Israel Web site Palestine Remembered.

Google may also be facing a libel suit in the US by the city of Kiryat Yam, which the map incorrectly claimed was built on the remains of the Arab village of Ghawarina.

While Google has defended its willingness to accept user-generated content placed over the satellite maps, the new layer, which was announced earlier this month, has made it dramatically more difficult for a single person to change the default information appearing on the program's satellite maps."

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The Internet

Submission + - Hollywood Goes For UK File-sharers. Gets it wrong ( writes: "According to The Register, the file sharing hunt by the big Hollywood studios has crossed the pond, but (as usual) has gone sour:

Tiscali threatened to disconnect a customer for illegally downloading a TV show last week, after receiving a copyright infringement notice from a Hollywood studio. The only problem was the customer had quit the ISP months before the alleged transgression was made. Euan MacLay had been a customer of Freedom2Surf (F2S) for two years until it was taken over by Tiscali as part of the Pipex acquisition last year. His past experience of the Italian buyer's customer service was poor, so as soon as his Freedom2Surf line was due to be migrated to Tiscali's budget network he decided to switch.


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