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Submission + - Slashdot not fixed ( 3

mustPushCart writes: Slashdot popular around the world with basement dwellers and secretively anti corporate white collars alike has not yet changed its design after its January 25, 2011 redesign broke hearts and browsers, bringing out its passive aggressive readership into active fist shaking before sending them back into its idle section. The design continues to remain broken on Chrome in addition to being slow, clunky and generally silently hated. Slashdot editors could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press

Submission + - Kuwait Ban of DSLR Cameras turns out to be a Hoax ( 3

Voulnet writes: The Kuwait Times, the newspaper that started the false rumor of Kuwait banning DSLR cameras, has posted an update saying that after investigation, it turned out that they didn't verify their information, and issued a retraction: "On Saturday, November 20, 2010 the Kuwait Times published an article titled 'Multi ministry camera ban frustrates artists' in which incorrect information was provided. The newspaper regrets failing to verify the information. The article wrongly stated that a ban on DSLR cameras was implemented by the Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Finance. This information is false. In a follow up investigation, it was proved that no such ban has been issued. We regret this error and deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused"

Submission + - App Inventor and the culture wars (

macslocum writes: The differences between Apple and Google get a whole lot clearer when you look at each company's approach to mobile development. Over at O'Reilly Radar, Mike Loukides examines the two companies through the lens of App Inventor. Apple, he says, is like Club Med. Your trip is carefully curated and nothing is left to chance. Google is the self-guided tour where you might get lost and you might get messy.

Submission + - The Grown-Up Video Game

Phaethon360 writes: More now than ever we're seeing more Mature (M+, 17+, 18) ratings being distributed by various national media regulators, but that isn't the only indicator for a game's intended audience. It doesn't take a thousand swear words, scantily clad women or gratuitous violence to differentiate a ten year old's game from a twenty year old's. The spectrum of human emotions encompass a wider palette than revenge, fear, and loss, but the ones that tend to shy away from this are often mistook for a younger audience.

Nick: "The idea of “The Grown-Up Video Game” can mean many different things to many different people. It could mean excessive violence, nudity, or difficulty. I like to believe that while examples such as those in the previous sentence make a game adult oriented it takes something a bit more to make a game “grown-up”. The human experience is one that is made up of great hardship, pain, loss, death, and a multitude of experiences seemingly designed to destroy a person. However, that same experience is also filled with joy, love, laughter, family and friends. It is from these experiences that we begin to question, “Why?”. What is the motivation behind a person’s actions? How did their life culminate in the experience that we bear witness to now? Is there a good reason to be waging war on this particular nation? Why did he just blow that guy’s head off with a shotgun? It is this sort of thinking that is beginning to make its way into our beloved interactive games, and I believe that it is a very good thing."

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