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Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 2424

Who is happy with their insurance? Premiums have been skyrocketing because insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors practically collude to hide the massive amounts of money that they move into their pocketbooks.

I'm still going with the theory that insurance premiums are high because doctors have to pay so much in malpractice insurance because we have so many frivolous malpractice lawsuits. If we stopped frivolous malpractice lawsuits, it would result in lowering our insurance premiums.

Comment Re:John Carmack ditched OpenGL (Score 3, Informative) 515

Maybe that's Carmack's "more recent comment", but the article mentions even more recent comments (at least, I assume they're more recent, since they mention DX10 and Rage).
From the article, Carmack said:

"Personally, I wouldn’t jump at something like DX10 right now. I would let things settle out a little bit and wait until there’s a really strong need for it."


As John Carmack said when asked if Rage was a DirectX game, "It’s still OpenGL, although we obviously use a D3D-ish API [on the Xbox 360], and CG on the PS3. It’s interesting how little of the technology cares what API you’re using and what generation of the technology you’re on. You’ve got a small handful of files that care about what API they’re on, and millions of lines of code that are agnostic to the platform that they’re on."

Sounds to me like he's still favoring OpenGL.

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