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Comment Re:Hypochondria? (Score 1) 368

But if they seem relatively normal, I listen carefully and explain, because quite often they are right.

this is, in my opinion, what makes you a good doctor. i want to point out that by taking time to address the person's concerns, you help ease their anxiety if they're wrong.

i don't know what the difference is between google nowadays and old wives' tales 50 years ago, either. the solution to old wives' tales is to listen to the person, and correct them where they're wrong. i see a similar solution to the googling.

kudos to you, good sir. :)

Comment Re:Hypochondria? (Score 2) 368

I don't think you understand. Your wife is a rarity.

i don't think you understand. doctors who pay due attention and give a shit are a rarity. while an untrained individual is not the best person to investigate and diagnose their ailments, at least you have someone paying attention to the issue. as a matter of fact, i think that if someone goes in and after 5 minutes takes what a doctor says on a serious medical issue to be the absolute truth, they are shamefully uninvolved in their personal wellness.

i think the fact that you're pointing to is that most people don't have such a serious issue that a doctor not paying attention really matters. also, most people are not really all that great at logic, especially if their emotions get entangled in the issue. still, i'd rather have someone with less training paying attention to me 9/10.

Comment Re:Hypochondria? (Score 1) 368

The internet is not a good place to get a second opinion, but if encourages people to get second opinions from real doctors, that's a net positive.

I agree that it's not a good place to get a second opinion. It is, however, a good place to do research, and get an Nth opinion. considering that the problem is that doctors mostly refuse to spend an appropriate amount of time with a patient, i have a hard time believing that an intelligent and discerning person should be discouraged from doing research and asking questions on the internet.

my brother had a recurring ear infection. the third time he went back to the same doctor, he told him not to prescribe him the exact same antibiotic ear drops that he'd been prescribed the last two times, because they didn't work. the doctor spent 10 minutes with him, scribbled some shit on a piece of paper, and charged him between 50 and 100 dollars. as my brother stepped out of the office, he looked at the piece of paper. same fucking ear drops.

there's no worse doctor than a doctor who doesn't give a shit, except perhaps yahoo answers.

Comment Re:Why?? (Score 1) 753

trey parker and matt stone's reasoning behind starting south park studios is that they found themselves repeatedly going online and watching illegal versions of old episodes, and they figured that probably their fans were doing it too.

true that.

Comment Re:Sounds to me... (Score 1) 1067

And the cost of being able to resize from any edge in Ubuntu for example? The need to have a fugly border all the way around every window, which on the one hand consumes display real estate, whilst still being narrow enough that it proves hard for some users to be able to grab easily.

I'm not getting way into this shit-slinging match, but I seem to be able to position my mouse on every corner of almost every window on my macbook without hovering over any active elements. it seems like they could just tick out a tiny section of each corner so that i don't have to move my window to resize it. i don't think people would complain about the edges if you could resize from the corners.

hell, how about top left and bottom right? that would be a start.

And there you are wrong. A menu at the edge of the screen is easier (more productive) to use. Again because of Fitt's law. Plus it also is more economic on screen real estate.

this is wrong in my experience. i have used almost exclusively a mac for over a year, i still prefer having the menu in the window. when a window grabs focus on mac, it changes the menu. if i'm selecting from a menu, and i misclick and hit another window, the menu changes. i don't experience the drastic hit in screen real estate, either, because i can buy a computer or display with better resolution for less or equal money than an apple product. also, when a window is behind another window, i don't feel like it's taking up screen real estate.

i understand the fitt's law argument, and i just think it is wrong for me and quite a lot of users. i think it's a bad idea. some people like it.

- instead of maximizing, the zoom button only increases the size of a window's height or width until the scroll bar is no longer needed (or the extent of the screen is hit.

i see the benefit of this, but only if you have a decent sized display. even still, i can acknowledge that it's a matter of preference. still, my web browser won't maximize, and since i can't resize from the left or top, if i want a full screen browser, i need to drag my window to the edge of the screen and then resize it.

and in linux, i can maximize it either vertically or horizontally, and move my windows with keystrokes. windows can suck it too. :)

Comment Re:Suicide? (Score 1) 1343

I wasn't aware it was a double action, and I don't know enough about pistols to keep double action and single action straight, even.

However, I didn't get my info from movies or video games. I got all my info directly from 2 guys who served over 20 years apiece in the military and have guns scattered throughout their houses. What I hear is that people can (at least on some guns), modify the gun to have a hair trigger. Just because it's stupid and inadvisable doesn't mean people don't do it.

I don't know anything about this particular gun, though, and I may be wrong.

Comment Re:What a Tragedy and No Charges? (Score 1) 1343

That's pretty fucked up, it's still an innocent child with the whole world ahead of her. Don't devalue a life because of poor decision on the parent's part.

If you value both the loss of life AND the sorrow caused by it, it's better that the negligence caused sorrow to the person who was negligent, rather than a neighbor. It doesn't devalue the life.

Comment Re:Suicide? (Score 3, Informative) 1343

You can adjust the trigger resistance. It's generally inadvisable to lower the resistance past a certain point, because it makes it more likely it will go off from bumping against things, but I think it's likely enough that a guy who leaves a gun out with his toddler around is liable to have the trigger resistance questionably (if not illegally) low.

I am by no means an expert, but I live in a mother-in-law apt in the back yard of a gun lover.

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