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Comment Re:Facebook wants to tell me what they think is tr (Score 1) 106

I just want Facebook to show me stuff, not tell me what they think is true.

They aren't telling you anything. They are showing you stuff. Stuff in this case is a link to others who you may or may not want to click through to in order to check if the original stuff is true.

Most Recent is always, ALWAYS populated with hundreds of items, despite my reading every damned one of them 2 hours ago.

And is it any less "most recent"? Maybe either have more friends, subscribe to more pages, like more content, etc. Lack of content is your own fault. Most recent is just that.

I can Like item after item, and 15 minutes later scroll back through the list and MOST are actually NOT marked 'Like' by me. Huh?

At some point it helps refreshing the feed.

- I can read Most Recent and refresh, and the order changes. Every damned time.

Most recent includes what your friends are doing. If someone likes something on your feed or posts to it then something on it happened more recently than some thing you just probably already read since you're refreshing.

Hundreds of items unread, when I did in fact read them.

.... Did you download the app from Facebook or from some Chinese sideload store?

Recommended For Me includes crap I've been rejecting for a few years now.

They are called ads. Facebook doesn't care what you've rejected if someone else has given them money to put it on your feed.

The Facebook Android app royally stinks. Facebook has been manipulating my feed for years. I should trust them to fact-check? No, on several counts. Never.

Fortunately they don't fact check. But then general feed manipulation in something they are tailoring algorithms to weigh up personal interest with sponsorship is something very different than an algorithm that simply redirects everything to snopes or a google search. Or maybe I'm over thinking it, it could be simpler like simply flagging everything my mother reposts as false would give a pretty good accuracy rating.

Comment Re: But $90k per year is poor in California (Score 1) 155

The cost of fiber optic cable itself is going down. The cost of fiber network equipment is going down. The labor costs of installing are going down.

And all of that pales in comparison to the costs of litigation and red tape involved in doing anything underground. That cost just seems to go up without any end in sight.

Comment Re:What does this do to content? (Score 1) 65

Then that is bullshit.

Expand on it. There is a good reason some banned content isn't available. Local laws. What is the good reason a streaming service or digital media is priced differently for someone in Bulgaria than France by a company that doesn't have any costs in either market.

That sounds like bullshit to me.

Comment HORRIBLE! (Score 1) 105

Thanks to horrible Adobe Photoshop defaults

Yeah it's absolutely horrible that an image editor faithfully saves data the same way it opens it without silently stripping things out. Oh the humanity of opening and saving a picture I took and finding out the metadata which was originally recorded is still intact.

What's even worse is that there's a dedicated save dialogue to share data which gives people the option of not destroying their metadata when they hit save. What a horrible horrible idea.

Comment Re:I don't think blaming Adobe is fair here (Score 2) 105

Except that Adobe actually made the standard open rather than just open enough to break, implemented the standard in their own software in the same was as the public toolkit they made available under the BSD license rather than killing it with their own software, and promoted it to get wide spread and compatible acceptance for both proprietary and open source software that touches media.

The only thing XMP and OOXML share in common is the first three letters in their standard designation.

Comment Re:How about not install windows 10...period (Score 1) 90

Windows 7 is a better

Grammatical issues aside, better in what regard? Under the hood Windows 10 runs rings around Windows 7. Better memory management, lower footprint, better security features, newer APIs, better UI, easier to use system etc. The privacy issues and update control are the only thing keeping me on Windows 7, but otherwise I desire to switch to Windows 10.

Comment Re:The problem is not the ratio but the total carb (Score 1) 43

Except in every metric other than country total output, China looks much better than the USA. Better per capita, better per GDP, better spending direction, better policies.

But yeah I know. There's lots of them so they don't deserve to use electricity. Now excuse me while I turn up the A/C because it's slightly uncomfortable in here.

Comment Re: Correcting myself (Score 1) 631

Good luck with that. When someone gets shot and you go to help claiming to be a doctor.

Context: it matters, you said so yourself.

Just like it matters when someone writes I am an engineer when addressing someone responsible for a problem with a carefully designed solution to the problem. Engineer is a protected term. So is doctor. Just like with "doctor" you won't get fined for saying you're an "engineer" when you drive trains as the applicability of the law is very specific.

But really the most absurd thing here in this entire discussions is that people like you talk without having a clue and not even knowing the law, not understanding when it's applicable, not understanding why it was created, and yet criticizing it.

Doctor of the Obvious: to you I say "physician, heal thyself".

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