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Comment Re:Only an Apple phenomenon? (Score 1) 268

If life in an Apple contracted factory is bad, it must be even worse working for lower margin companies

Why do you think other companies have a lower margin?

But you're right about one thing, this isn't only Apple. Multiple companies will use this manufacturer. The thing is when someone like Apple comes in and says jump, you say how high, and then kiss the feet of the person who gave you the privilege of jumping for Apple. When someone else comes in and says jump, you say "let me consult Apple's specs and get back to you on how high I can do it for you".

Comment Re:Apple only? (Score 1) 268

If that is the case then this is a non-Apple story and amounts to Apple bashing

That's only the case if other customers can match the business to business buying power of Apple. You see in this world the company with the biggest wallet will dictate the policies that other companies may be able to take part in. The sheer size of Apple doesn't make this Apple bashing at all unless you can find someone the same size with the same brand recognition that's using this supplier.

Comment Re:Scrutiny (Score 1) 268

Apple - they just get a lot more scrutiny with being such a huge tech company

And they deserve it. The company with the biggest market and the biggest volume gets to set the policies and standards the other ones simply follow. That's how business to business works and it transcends industries. e.g. only recently I was told we won't ever be seeing a certain feature in a product from a supplier unless Shell want it because they only retool their line for Shell or someone who can match them in purchasing power.

You say jump, they say we'll consult with Apple's specs on how high.

Comment Re:free choice (Score 1) 268

If that means "dire poverty and hunger" that is only because this is the natural state of the universe

If they choose to work at Pegatron they do so because, despite what anyone else might say about the pay or conditions, they feel that this is their best option.

You now owe me a new White Privilege Meter. Mine just said OVERLOAD and then started smoking.

If really you want to improve their lot, the most effective strategies would be to increase competition for workers by reducing (not increasing!) the barriers to entry for new businesses

And an irony meter too. Maybe that second company who can compete with Pegatron by driving the workers wages even lower to win the contract can build it. But only if they remove pesky barriers to entry like minimum wages.

Comment Re:But cyclist have the Right of Way (Score 1) 152

Ladies and gentlemen I present America.

Yeah come and invade us. Just don't drive over your troops or die in an accident on the way over.
Oh and can you bring some real bacon, the stuff we get here isn't that good.

So cute that your sad little nation thinks it's OK to blame car drivers for the mistakes of bikers and pedestrians.

Oh there are no mistakes. If I step out in front of a car and get hit, the driver broke the law. That's also why we live in one of the safest places in the world.

Oh and pssst. Don't tell anyone else. But we're not allowed guns either. Just keep that between us though.


Comment Re:No surprise here (Score 1) 453

Indeed. Yet in others it wouldn't have stopped a thing. Remember this game is a quite colossal fuck-up. I wouldn't say reviews would have saved a person money as much as saying that even reviews couldn't save the producer of this game.

Reviewers let a lot of bullshit slide through. This is the exception not the norm.

I mean the game has tanked. It could quite possibly the worst tank since E.T. People are refunding where they can. Others are bending refund policies to prevent backlash...

3.5/5 stars TrustedReviews
64% PC Gamer
7/10 "good" Gamespot
4/5 stars Stuff.TV

To the credit of some review sites they've stopped publishing numbers or stars. Still these were the first 4 that came up in my google results which produced actual ratings or numbers for the review. Looks like a good game maybe I should go out and.... no *slap* *thud*.

Comment Re:Not an advert - but Backblaze (Score 1) 340

I have a work place, stuff taking a detour and paying someone to hold onto stuff for me. 2 HDDs, one sitting in my desk drawer at work. Each Monday night I plug my backup in, and on Tuesday I take it to work and bring the other one back. I plug it in and an automatic script backs up my NAS and emails me the results.

You don't forget routine. If you're forgetful, make something a routine. The easiest way to do that is tie it to an existing routine like something you do on the specific day of the week, or set a reminder in your outlook calendar. That's why I pick Tuesday. I'm incredibly forgetful so I tie my backup together with preparing my sports back Monday night. Tuesday is Squash day, so I have to take an extra bag to work, which makes it easy to run down the list: towel, racket, pants, shirt, shoes, socks, 8TB HDD. I mean you don't really consider your data important if you're forgetful enough not to back it up right?

The point of these online backup services is that they serve a purpose for a select subset of use cases. Small data sets are perfect for this. That precludes it's usefulness if you're into photography or worse recording videos. They are also great right up until you have an actual failure and your background backup operation suddenly becomes an excruciatingly slow foreground operation.

Also while I have quite a bit of faith in Backblaze and I'm quite a fan of their work, the same is not universal around Cloud storage providers, the ones who a notorious at offering you a service, oh wait we'll change the price, oh wait you now have a limit, or now there's a bandwidth limit, oh we got acquired by someone you have 5 days to suck your data off before we delete it all for you. Once bitten....

Comment Re:But cyclist have the Right of Way (Score 1) 152

that's a great lesson

The great lesson is a couple of broken bones. That works more than any legal case ever will.


Yeah it's utterly despicable that the sum total of our motor vehicle deaths + cyclists + pedestrians per capita rank us 7th best in the world, compared to the USA's 60+
Or that the total deaths per km driven rank us 18 higher than the USA where only 25 countries report these figures.
Or that despite being the most densely populated area in Europe you're the least likely to die as a pedestrian or a cyclists, despite also having the highest number of cyclists in the world.

I agree, the USA is utterly disgusting in the way they treat anything smaller than a car.

Comment Re:But cyclist have the Right of Way (Score 1) 152

So on the flip side one of the countries with the lowest death rate for cyclists has:

a) automatic guilt for a driver with a serious uphill battle to prove why they weren't negligent and why the accident was unavoidable.
b) many laws don't apply to cyclists
c) cyclists are classified as a road vehicle and are allowed to do everything except drive on the highway


d) the kids are taught to walk in front of cars and cycle in front of cars combined with a law that a car is always liable if it hits anyone under 14 regardless of the circumstances.

The end result is an entire country which drives very differently from many of the western nations. They tailgate like idiots on the highway yet drive with the upmost respect and courtesy in any built up areas, mainly because they know they would get properly screwed by the legal system if they didn't, something they learnt very early in their lives.

Common sense is not necessarily the best way of bringing about a change in attitude which unfortunately in many countries is nothing more than a penis measuring contest between drivers. It may not sound like much but the results are:

7th lowest death rate per capita compared with the USA's 61st (this includes vehicle occupants and people injured by vehicles)
8th lowest death rate per motor vehicle compared with the USA's 30th
7th lowest per billion km driven compared with the USA's 17th (note that only 25 countries have this statistic listed)

The funny thing is that we have the highest percentage of deaths of cyclists as a result of motor vehicle accident in the world, while at the same time having the lowest cyclist death rate.

I know which approach is better.

Comment Re:No good-guys here (Score 1) 453

But I don't feel the need for a refund.

People feel cognitive dissonance differently, and more importantly it is related to perception of value. You said it yourself you got it cheap, and you knew what it was like because you bought it after release.

I wonder if you would feel the same way about refunds if you paid full price for it on release day knowing nothing about it other than the promises of the developer and the absolutely amazing demonstrations that have been given which mostly involved features which weren't in the game.

Comment Re:No surprise here (Score 1) 453

Please go buy the game and play it for 50hours before you whine about teenages. Maybe read a review or two, realise that only a week after release there was a 90% drop in gameplay, that this game is bordering on one of the most negatively reviewed of all time, and above all realise that 74% of gamers are over the age of 18.

Comment Re:If you're refusing a refund ... (Score 1) 453

because you're hoping it'll get good

No. Because you're told it'll get good. The developers have said this repeatedly, the closer to the centre of the galaxy you get the weirder, stranger and more enticing the game becomes. Then when you actually get to the centre your mind will be incredibly blown. Seriously, go look up the promises of the longer you play the better it gets. This has been said repeatedly in interviews.

Now as to entitlement, it's not about enjoyment. It's about false advertising. If you pay me $10 for a 5min shoulder massage that I say is the best in the world and will leave you in a state of relaxation you will enjoy more than anything ever, and instead I just knee you in your balls really hard... would you feel entitled to a refund, not to mention actually be very upset with me?

Or would you just be a sucker?

Comment Re:Given the reviews (Score 1) 453

No Man's Sky is about pushing the boundaries of procedurally generated content and has always been advertised as such.

Yes that was about 1 of the 30 features or experiences they advertised. It was also the only 1 of the 30 features or experiences they released. People aren't upset about what's there. They are massively upset about what's not there, and what was actually there only 5 months ago in previews, and what was promised but never delivered by the developer.

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