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Comment Re:Is OOBase finally useful? (Score 1) 377

Ah, a personal attack based on crap you made up, why bother revealing such a character flaw?
From what little you do know, my username, you can assume that I have at least heard of databases for a while. Hence my comments about toy databases used for serious tasks for long periods of time leading to large and expensive amounts of pain when the toy is no longer available.
They can be a shiny but expensive trap for new players as you will see if even one of the collaborators has a slightly different version of the software and mangles the entire thing. Due to the personal computer nature of the things they tend to breed multiple versions of the database and fly under the radar of backups - you find that the most current or only usable copy was on somebodies personal laptop that none of the sysadmins had ever heard of and the user doesn't beleive in backups.
Without extreme care they become toys that are more expensive than the real thing and a source of expensive confusion from multiple versions splitting off the original and failures from attempted merging of the multiple versions of the database.
All of this should be incredibly obvious so you use them only for the situations where they will work - small unambitious projects with very few users and where the data is unlikely to be of any use in five years time so it doesn't need to be migrated to a new version or other system.

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