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The Courts

Journal Journal: I finally get an invitation to Federal Court! 5

I got a letter today that I at first assumed was a practical joke or a fraud (of the pre-internet Nigerian 419 scam variety -- and Yes, those were on paper before they hit the Internet).

The letter has a return address "CENTRAL VIOLATIONS BUREAU" (could you be any more vague) with a return address of a P.O. Box in San Antonio, Texas. I immediately smiled, thought "Well, they've got the wrong guy -- I haven't been in San Antonio, or Texas overall, for a few years now."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - CellPhones light up operating room during blackout (

Tech.Luver writes: "Reuters reports,"BUENOS AIRES — The light from the cell phone screens allowed surgeons to complete an emergency appendix operation during a blackout in a city in central Argentina, reports said on Saturday. Leonardo Molina, 29, was on the operating table on July 21, when the power went out in the Policlinico Juan D. Peron, the main hospital in Villa Mercedes, a small city in San Luis province. The generator, which should have been working correctly, didn't work. The surgeons and anesthetists were in the dark. A family member got some cell phones together from people in the hallway and took them in to provide light.""

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