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Journal Journal: What is wrong with videos at the ITMS?

I am a big fan of attempting to move towards content delivery that provides the consumer the means to view new (and old) television programming on their own time. This includes allowing them to view this content without those commercials that chew up nearly eight minutes for each half hour of television.

I did recently begin using the iTMS. I will admit I was somewhat impressed, and while I still believe I will buy most my CDs used whenever possible, it is a good alternative when there are only one or two tracks that I am after. I also was impressed that some items that are available on DVD are also on there. (I noted the Best Of SNL collections.)

My problem became the flat $1.99 for short videos and TV shows. I was miffed that SW: Clone Wars v1 was $1.99 an episode. This series would cost a person much more then finding the DVD, since it comprised of more five minute shorts. I also still believe music videos are not work $1.99 a piece. The latter could be resolved by providing the MP3 of the song with the video.

I know that Apple has stated he does not want a tiered system; however, I believe a tiered system where the $0.99 (or in case of videos $1.99) is the max price (or maybe even the "average") would be ideal. iTunes is somewhat effective, in my opinion, because songs and whole albums are more cost effective then purchasing CDs at a retailer. With the pricing scheme for videos, this becomes a bit more precarious.

It is also an uneven system. A single music video or short video cost the same $1.99 as a 30-minute TV episode, which is the same as a full 60-minute TV show. I do not like the idea of adjusting video prices based on popularity, because this is overly subjective. I would like to see a length based system. Short videos (music video length in time) for about $0.99 to $1.29 and 15-30 minute tv shows being $1.29 to $1.49. Of course the hour long shows would be around $1.99 and you could adjust for longer videos. Full-length movies could stay at $9.99 if they are movies with more expensive DVD releases.

I cannot remember which of my movies were bought on the cheap. I do know quite a few were in Wal-Mart $5.50 or lower bins and some were had for $6 at Best Buy. I guess I just feel there is something to be said for having the physical copies, especially when costs are very close. I also await HD quality TV shows for free, legal download. I enjoy my HDTV and would love to be able to enjoy HD quality shows on my TV.

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