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Comment Re: Traffic Tickets (Score 1) 162

Seconded. While I like the 5 over, I typically don't use it so I wouldn't miss it. Autopilot shines most in heavy traffic. It keeps a safe distance (which is configurable, I prefer to keep it at the further end). Since it is radar based, it helps reduce the catapiller effect in stop-and-go, while also avoiding the "hug the bumper and slam the brakes" trap.

Comment Re: Even the students are smarter than that... (Score 1) 400

Not to mention that you can fail out of Computer Science Engineering because of a bad grade in Middle Eastern History. That actually almost happened to me. I had a 3.9 on my Calculas and Computer Science classes, but because I got a D+ in Chemistry and a D in Middle Eastern History (mostly because I just didn't give a damn about those classes), I had to apply for an excemption and personally argue my case to avoid being removed from Ohio State University's engineering school.

Comment Re: The technology is not ready yet (Score 2) 154

It's pretty ready now. I use it all the time and love it. Living in FL means it makes me a safer driver, not a lesser one. Our highways often have no merge lanes. The entrance ramp ends directly in the highway with no dashed line. That presents you with two choices... 1) ride the lane until it ends, and expect you or the car next to you will slam on your brakes; coin toss to who does. 2) look behind you and see if it is safe to cross across 20 feet of "don't merge" zone; risk running into the car in front of you because they lost the "break coin toss". Mirrors are useless because the other lane is too far away. Autopilot is safer here. I can engage it and trust it will react to what is in front of me and keep me in my lane. That leaves me free to look behind me for a safe merge point, take over, and merge. I can do so in a way that doesn't surprise anyone, and doesn't force anyone into quick decisions, something that should be avoided on the road at all costs. Sure, sane highway design would make everyone safer. But... I live in Florida, and #floridaman isn't a meme because my state is known for thinking consequences through.

Comment Re: call an ambulance (Score 3, Informative) 153

I happen to own a Model S, so have more experience with Autopilot than most. As someone who has never used it, I understand and appreciate your concern. As someone who had experienced Autopilot over a length of time, your worries are overblown and the bigger concern would be if he passed out before the final stretch. That concern isn't because he would have hurt someone else. It's because without him being aware, he wouldn't have made it the final stretch.

Comment Re:So just rename it then? (Score 1) 330

I'm genuinely curious about your experience because I bought a Model S and took delivery of it two weeks ago. I've used Autopilot a ton, and have been quite happy with it. I've never had it once give up because it got confused, though on somewhat sharp turns it will beep and tell me to put my hand on the wheel (there's a pressure sensor in the wheel, so when it pops the warning you actually have to firmly grasp the wheel as opposed to lightly holding it like I typically do; autopilot or no).

However, I also don't push it to the limits. I notice when the lines are fading and check the HUD to see if the car can see the lines or not; if not, I disengage myself. Likewise, in stop & go traffic (where I think it really shines), I watch for jerks who try to cut me off and disengage if one does so. I've never felt unsafe using the feature. Instead, I actually feel safer because of all the feedback the car gives me about what it is sensing around it.

Comment Re: Yes, definitely assholes (Score 3, Informative) 440

From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

* Drunk driving crashes continue to represent roughly one-third of fatalities, resulting in 9,967 deaths in 2014.
* Distracted driving accounted for 10 percent of all crash fatalities, killing 3,179 people in 2014.
* Drowsy driving accounted for 2.6 percent of all crash fatalities; at least 846 people died in these crashes in 2014.

Autopilot killed 1 person; ever. And it did so on a location where it was not intended to be used. The safety record doesn't mean nothing, but there is still room for improvement. The difference is now the improvement can be shared to all cars via an update. In a standard fatal accident, the improvements are much harder to act upon. Reference:

Comment Re:AirPrint (Score 1) 249

Agreed but what I would like to see is printing supported on iDevices properly. Yeah I know about AirPrint but guess what? Millions of printers don't have that (including all of mine) and Apple can't be bothered to make a simple way make existing printers compatible with AirPrint despite it being technologically trivial to do so. It could be done with a simple network attached print server or an app on any macintosh. I get if they don't want to support Windows but it's absurd that my mac can't provide AirPrint services right out of the box.

Yes, if only Apple had been making something like that for the last decade. What a wonderful world we would be living in...

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