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Comment Re:Exxxcellent. (Score -1) 212

Yeah because commodore64_love is a father-fucking manwhore with incredible sutpdi ddecisons. Google is a THE LVOE CORPORATINO and the government should nto be investigatign them. Instead the governemnt should desolve Microsoft and give the peices to Google, the lost wonder fulcompany in the whole world!

I don't care if Google steals my kid's SS numbers, shopws them nudie pics, or videotapes my sex throguh my beeddrom. Google is fucki9ng awesome man!

Comment Re:Maybe I'm mistaken, but.. (Score -1) 199

The real issue is not the amount of radiation but where it is FOCUSED on the body - i.e. on the skin.

If we continue using these things, there will be a rash of skin cancer outbreaks among weekly travelers.

Oh look the troll-fucker is back with some shit-spewing from his retarded mouth!!! Go shove a dildo up your arse you gay-focher

Comment Re:Breakage (Score -1, Troll) 349

Linux is GREAT when it works, but can be a real PITA when it doesn't. For example my brother's Ubuntu 9.1 laptop still doesn't play flash videos (except youtube), and I can't figure out why. It also doesn't handle Atari Stella emulator very well (half the ROMs don't work) or connection to Netscape Dialup.

Stop trolling you anit-Linux cocksucker; cheapass bastard; and Microsoft penis licker

Comment Re:Technically... (Score -1, Troll) 1277

A Democracy is run by a simple 51% majority.. i.e. no laws but simple 51-49 votes by the legislature..... which means there are no laws to protect your individual rights. (If you're still not understanding, see Ancient Athens and how the Demos killed Socrates, because he exercised free speech, and they didn't like his opinion, so the majority voted to kill him.)

Hey Commode64 -

stop talking and stop demoing how mind-frakingly stupid you are. You know nothing

Comment Re:$500k? (Score -1, Troll) 445


Basically he started selling his book at $2.99, dropped it to 99 cents when it started sliding to the bottom of the Best selling chart, raised it to $2.99 when it peaked, dropped it to 99 when it moved to the bottom, and repeat. So his total earnings are a combination of 0.99 and 2.99 mixed together,

Hey Commode.
Stop making-up shit.
Nobody wants your sewer droppings here.

Comment Re:I love my brother's method of guilt (Score -1, Offtopic) 638

"If I knew how to do computer, I would help You so you should help me." Well my brother did help me move from my parents' house to my apartment --- ten years ago.

I wouldn't mind if he actually LEARNED something, but he's still stuck at the "how do I make firefox fill the whole screen" or "I have firefox open - how do I get back to desktop?" stage (try minimize and maximize like I taught you back in 1999). He never learns.

Just shut the hell up. I'd mod you down even lower but I see you're already at (-1) you fucking cockstucker. You really should be BANNED from posting


Comment Re:$4 for every US Household (Score 0) 246

>>>right wing thinks poverty is a character flaw...places the needs of the wealthy above all else.

Wrong. According to various studies over the years, Republican voters (aka conservatives) give 5 times more money per year to non-church charities then Democrat voters (aka liberals).

And at the Government level, the Democrat representatives often give nothing at all (example: Al Gore, Hillary Clinton) while their Republican colleagues give thousands each year.

Please don't shoot the messenger.
I'm just telling you the statistics.

Comment Re:yea! (Score 1) 149

Here let me save some time: "Which law prevents a corporation from 'spreading FUD about patent infringement'?"

NONE. Commercial speech is protected by the first amendment. Companies can not lie, but they can certainly spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about competitor's products. (Almost every car commercial does it several times per hour.)

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