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Comment Meh... (Score 3, Insightful) 213

There aren't THAT many repos with over 3 million files in them.

The great majority of projects I've been on have been around the 100k-300k range and doing a build (to properly test the product) required ALL of them.

And even then, once you've got all of them the first time, GIT does the diffing automatically so it "scales" already.

Maybe MS could put some of their vast R&D efforts to to something more useful... like having their free Visual Studio Code editor handle files bigger than 1gb?

Comment Need more info - (Score 5, Funny) 172

Is this a one time thing, once a day, week, month? Does it show up on enterprise installs?

It shouldn't be appearing AT ALL - but if it's a one time thing to show a new "feature" (cough, spit) I can begrudgingly acknowledge it.

But this proves to me that the entire point of Windows 10 was not to ease computer usage or make it easier for me to get my work done or do more work but to turn all windows machines into store fronts for Microsoft.

"Hi I'm clippy - I see you're trying to write a Word Doc and haven't typed for a few minutes - Would you like to buy a Red Bull - it gives you wings? YES, RIGHT NOW | SPECIFY DELIVERY TIME | CHOOSE A DIFFERENT DRINK"

Comment Re:They've completely misread the intent (Score 3, Insightful) 184

No - Steven's point is the compelling of the combination/password from the suspect.

The only way to compel such evidence IS torture no matter how you slice it because the suspect hasn't been convicted.

In much the same way you can't compel a person to confess to murder. You can cajole, talk, intimidate for a few hours but ultimately you can't hold the person with no other evidence (EG Where'd you hide the body?!?!). it doesn't have anything to do with the technological reasons - even if all locks were combination locks now (and that's the courts rationale) it doesn't change Steven's ruling.

Comment They've completely misread the intent (Score 4, Insightful) 184

BS the technology makes the wording irrelevant.

Stevens point was that if there's a key the police can find, they're entitled to use it. That includes finding the passcode on a sticky note or getting Apple to unlock the phone.

They are NOT allowed to compel a suspect to regurgitate words locked in his head... EVER... TECHNOLOGICAL REASONS BE DAMNED.

The Florida Supreme Court justices should be disbarred for such flimsy rationale.

Comment Re:So why did the FBI have to crack the iPhone? (Score 1) 124

Well as I'm sure you've RTFA
A> They had to have the iCloud connection turned on to sync and backup to get the last 4 months of the call records.
B> Even if they did it only collected call records made to and from the phone (this was pre-iOS10 so Skype calls weren't tracked) not contacts or text messages or emails or voicemails.

Comment FTA - Nefarious or just stupidity. (Score 4, Informative) 124

"“We offer call history syncing as a convenience to our customers so that they can return calls from any of their devices,” an Apple spokesperson said in an email.”Device data is encrypted with a user’s passcode, and access to iCloud data including backups requires the user’s Apple ID and password. Apple recommends all customers select strong passwords and use two-factor authentication.”

Not defending Apple here and I only have an iPhone (no other part of the Apple ecosystem) so I can't speak to the need (or usefulness) of being able to return a call from my iPad or Mac if I miss a call from my iPhone. This just smacks of more Siri/cloud/Cortana data collection garbage to me.

Heck, I'd have the iCloud completely turned off still if it weren't for their "new" feature where they stopped syncing with Outlook notes and I had to have someway of backing up/sync'ing note items with the rest of my PCs. (I backup my iPhone to an abacus at home...)

Comment Uhhh... (Score 5, Insightful) 161

"The only problem? The computers were out of the box new."

That's not a guarantee they were malware free. There are many reports of Malware being installed on new systems - even on Slashdot!

"A second test by a unaffiliated computer security firm found no symptoms of malware and no needs for repair."

But that's proper proof!

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