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YouTube Granted Safe Harbor From Viacom 107

eldavojohn writes "It's an old case, but there was an interesting development today when a judge ruled that YouTube is protected from Viacom by the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA, since YouTube helps rights owners manage their rights online and works cooperatively with entities like Viacom. Google's calling it a victory, but I'm not sure if Viacom will take this without a fight."

Submission + - How to participate in the Linux Kernel - A Guide (

ruphus13 writes: The Linux Foundation has published a guide on how developers can participate in the Linux kernel community. From the review of the guide, "Readers will learn why contributing code to the mainline kernel is desirable, how the contribution process works, and how to avoid common pitfalls along the way. Since the Linux kernel depends on outside contributions for its continued success, it's vitally important to make participating in that community easy for new developers". In the spirit of open source collaboration, readers of the guide can make comments in the Linux Developer Network and post questions in the forum devoted to Linux development.

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