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Submission + - How your brain creates the fourth dimension (

jcgam69 writes: Perhaps the most fundamental question neuroscientists are investigating is whether our perception of the world is continuous or a series of discrete snapshots like frames on a film strip. Understand this, and maybe we can explain how the healthy brain works out the chronological order of the myriad events bombarding our senses, and how this can become warped to alter our perception of time.

Oklahoma Ambulances Debut Sirens That You Can Feel 128

djupedal writes "Booming like a 1980s video game, the Howler can even make liquids ripple — Oklahoma's largest ambulance company will become the first ambulance service in the nation to outfit its entire fleet with new Howler sirens, designed to emit low-frequency tones that penetrate objects within 200 feet — such as cars — to alert drivers." This is all well and fine, but I wonder what they plan to do when their sirens call up one of the big worms from deep below?
XBox (Games)

For Unlucky 360 Owner Seventh Time's the Charm 153

Microsoft has maintained that the problems occasionally reported by Xbox 360 owners are not very prevalent; just a small percentage of 360s are faulty, they say. That may be so, but for one unlucky console owner it's taken seven faulty consoles for him to get customer service satisfaction. The Mercury News discusses the tale of Rob Cassingham, a self professed 'Xbox fanboy'. He and his wife Mindy run a gaming center, and were responsible (via direct purchases and through word of mouth) for more than a dozen 360 purchases. For his business, he had six machines ... and every one of them failed. Even one of the replacements for the original unit failed, and for every replacement he's had to wait two weeks to get a new system. As he puts it, "Why spend money for rims on a car that spends 90 percent of its time in the shop?" After the Merc's Dean Takahashi referred his case to Peter Moore, he finally received a new machine as a replacement for his most recent faulty model. Cassingham is still deciding whether to keep it or not.
The Internet

Submission + - US Historical Tornado Database and Map

Anonymous writes: "Weather geeks rejoice! Programmers keep finding novel ways to use the wealth of information available on the Internet. In this case, the Tornado History Project has combined historical tornado data freely available from the National Weather Service and combined it with Google Maps. The result is a free, searchable database of every official tornado in the United States from 1950-2005. Search results can be output and sorted in text form (results include date, states and counties affected, fujita rating, injuries, fatalities, width, path length and much more) or overlaid on a Google map. Additionally, users may leave comments (personal memories, etc) about any tornado in the database. Users may even share their own photos or videos of any tornado. The site's creator, Josh Lietz, plans to keep it up and running in perpetuity as a kind of virtual museum. He also plans to add to the database as each new year of tornado statistics becomes available."
The Courts

Submission + - ESA Uses U.S. Law To Target Mod Chips in Canada

CanuckGamer writes: "Michael Geist is reporting that the Entertainment Software Association is targeting mod chips in Canada by claiming that U.S. copyright law applies north of the border. An ESA lawyer has tried to import the U.S. Grokster case into Canada, which Geist argues should be subject to a claim of copyright misuse and reveals the ESA's double talk on mod chips and copyright reform."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Fedora delays next release, chooses new theme

lisah writes: "The release of Fedora 7 (F7), originally scheduled for April 26 has been pushed back to the end of May to allow the development team more time to create a build system to manage the new merge of Fedora Core and Fedora Extras. The team still plans to take a 'highly polished' live CD based on Test 4 of F7 to this year's Red Hat Summit, however, where attendees will get a chance to see the artwork that has been selected for the release's new design theme."

Submission + - Does the internet need a major capacity upgrade?

wiggles writes: According to the Chicago Tribune, the recent surge of video sites such as youtube and Google video are pushing the limits of the internet's bandwidth, or soon will be. Pieter Poll, chief technology officer at Qwest Communications, says that traffic volumes are growing faster than computing power, meaning that engineers can no longer count on newer, faster computers to keep ahead of their capacity demands. Further, a recent report from Deloitte Consulting raised the possibility that 2007 would see Internet demand exceed capacity. Admittedly, this seems sensationalistic, but are we headed for a massive slowdown of the whole internet?

Submission + - Creating a Web service app object using WebSphere

BlueVoodoo writes: "Extend your WebSphere Portal Personalization capabilities to make data from external sources available to your portal using Personalization Rules. In this part, work through a scenario that uses a Web service to obtain data values for an application object. Also, listen to this Lotus Component Designer webcast that tells you how to build Eclipse applications that run in IBM WebSphere Portals."

Submission + - Composers Scene Thrives in Atlanta

An anonymous reader writes: Technology rules at Georgia Tech, where Jason Freeman's "Graph Theory" — a "wiki" piece of music, where Web users help shape the composition — has been widely discussed on blogs and performed live in several cities. Gil Weinberg's "Jam'aa" is written for Tech's robot drummer Haile. /accessatlanta_weinberg_022307.pdf

Submission + - FutureLink founders attack Microsoft over cover up

thefickler writes: The founders of a failed ISP, FutureLink Online, have issued a statement attacking Microsoft, alleging that Microsoft is trying to hide a multi-million dollar law suit that they have launched against it.

"This is more than a modern-day David vs. Goliath. It's a story of how corporate cannibal Microsoft stole the American Dream from us and then dragged us through 10 years of litigation," said Futurelink cofounder Farina.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How to Compensate for Poor Telecommuting Policy

fistfullast33l writes: "Unable to dial into work from home? Don't know enough people to organize a carpool with? No problem! A man on Long Island was ticketed for driving in the HOV lane with a CPR dummy in his front seat wearing black hair, a mustache, and a jacket. According to the article, "The driver of the vehicle said that he was just trying to get to work and he had been doing this since October. Tietjen also had a baseball cap and sunglasses that he sometimes put on the mannequin." Unfortunately they didn't mention if the dummy was wearing any pants..."

Submission + - Duct Tape to control Mad Astronaut?

netwolf writes: The plan to tranquilize a mad astronaut is outlined in this CNN article: " NASA's plan for unstable astronauts: Duct tape, tranquilizers" .plan.ap/index.html. Interesting part: "A gun would be out of the question... NASA has determined that there is no need for weapons at the space station" What happens when aliens attack?

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