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Comment Re:informed decisions? (Score 1) 272

It is not designed to help the people who actually own the computers that are being forced to re-choose their software.

It actually does help them, because their own stupidity will be limited by the capabilities of the browser they choose. So if you gave them IE by default, the most clueless users would catch every IE/Windows related malware. But if they have Mozilla or Opera, then they'll be immune to IE malware, and since Mozilla and Opera have a smaller marketshare, they'll be exposed to statistically fewer attacks.

Sometimes, users must be saved from themselves, and this ballot screen is a good start.

Comment Re:Sounds like features I need from an audio file (Score 2, Informative) 279

Opt-in, not mandatory.

So if you want to buy music legitly, you have the option of having the bonus features, similar to those on a DVD or Blu Ray. Its just incentive to buy over pirating.

Which is the best way to go about it, and we all know it. That way they can have their cake and we get to eat ours.

Comment Re:A job is a job (Score 1) 467

First, there was less money going around - not "we made less and someone else made more".

Secondly, the job market always lags behind all other areas of the economy when going into a recovery. There will be jobs again, it just takes time to get back to where companies feel confident enough to hire / have enough business to justify hiring new people.

As for your last bit, that only applies if they somehow had TONS of money invested and sold it ALL at the same time. If you had that much invested, you wouldn't be the type to sell it all at once. Also, your last bit just sums up your jealousy that some people have more money than you.

Comment Re:are our brains leaking out of our heads? (Score 1) 286

More and more games are using newer DRM (e.g. newer versions of Securom) that lock the game to your hardware instead of requiring the CD (e.g. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 has such DRM).

The benefit to the publisher with this is that they can produce one version of the game for both digital sale and retail stores and from there only one set of patches.

Comment Re:Why do corporations have to be people? (Score 0) 371

What's so bad about it? Slashdot's summary is clearly biased and intended to stir up the anti-corporate forces who read this site. I'm left wondering why it's so wrong to Slashdot for corporations to have rights. I know it makes you look clever to your dorm room buddies to hate capitalism and stuff, but the reality is that most corporations follow the law and deserve protections too.

Comment Re:Waste MORE time!? (Score 1) 1073

What's with all these schools having gifted classes? In my graduating class there were over a dozen of us who wanted to take AP stats (in my case in addition to AP Chem, AP Physics and AP Calc (AB)) and the administration couldn't schedule it for budgetary reasons. We were scheduled into study halls to cut costs.

And this was not middle-of-nowhere, a small suburb outside Boston filled with doctors and lawyers raising their families.

There needs to be serious consideration of budget issues if the federal government demands longer school hours. States aren't always willing or able to back up their own demands of local education systems.

Comment Re:two ways to solve the tax "scam" (Score 1) 1505

There is no such thing as corporate taxation. "Corporate taxation" is just another layer of individual taxation. In this case, it's a great way to punish people who are investing in our production economy. I'm sure you can empathize with deciding whether to invest in A or B. I invest in Vanguard mutual funds because the fund expenses are lower than their competitors. Do you think a similar thought goes through people's heads when they're deciding where to expand their businesses or create new businesses?

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