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Comment Re:Piracy is not that big a deal (Score 1) 63

Media companies are making bigger profits than ever, with no signs of it slowing down. Why are they so concerned about the tiny amount of piracy taking place?

1) Most piracy is done by teenagers and people who are broke and cannot afford to watch content legitimately anyway.
2) Piracy is a pain in the ass. Paying a few dollars for content is far easier, so that's what most people will do.

If they want to reduce piracy further, the best way is to make watching content as easy and simple as possible. For example, FOX recently yanked a bunch of their shows from Netflix because they're starting their own streaming service. Most people don't want to pay for multiple streaming services! Their greed is probably going to result in more piracy, as people go "Damnit Firefly is no longer on Netflix. I'm just going to torrent the rest of the episodes." So now instead of making some money, they make none.

And despite all this, like I mentioned earlier, the industry is more profitable than ever. They're basically yelling "THE SKY IS FALLING!!" on a clear, calm day with blue skies and sunshine.

This needs to be a +6

Comment Re:So far the phone mfg with a public problem.. (Score 2) 51

You mean, something like UL safety testing? All the batteries were safe to use, *IF* used properly.

Samsung squeezed a slightly too big battery into a slightly too small battery compartment.

No amount of independent battery testing will find that problem. The problem is in the design. Nothing to do with battery.

Comment Re:Simple explanation (Score 1) 51

They are all waiting to have a note-7 style catastrophe and then they will adopt the standards as a groundbreaking move. Until then why bother? Its not like Apple is taking *any* flak for the iPhones that catch fire, since they have always had the problem (albeit in a smaller margin vs Samsung).

What a non-sequitur. Why should Apple catch *any* flak for iPhones that catch on fires due to faulty 3rd party battery swaps?

Comment Re:bit rot (Score 1) 475

The medium is rather analog and has a powerful error-detection and -correction built in by necessity. This means a classic disk will either give you correct data, or tell you outright that the data cannot be read.

CRC is now considered "powerful error-detection" ?!?!?! Seriously? Are people that ignorant nowadays?

Comment Re:Microsoft's population (Score 1) 437

And this EO doesn't impact green card holders either. Yes some were impacted on the initial bungled implementation, but it actually says nothing about green card holders who are resident aliens not immigrants. Those initially impacted and detained should not have been. That was an error in application of the EO, not something actually contained in the EO.

Bullshit. The original application of it included a directive from the White House to specifically include green card holders. The Alternative Facts are strong with you.

Comment Re:Microsoft's population (Score 1) 437

All nations should be looking out for their own best interests and not blindly accepting anyone.

I'd love to discuss your evidence that the U.S. has recently been accepting refugees into the country without vetting.

Come on, he has ALTERNATIVE FACTS on his side man! Give him a break! 18 months and at least 9 rounds of interviews and countless background checks, those are plainly just blindly accepting of everyone!

Comment Re:Check out the Google reports. 5 platter drives (Score 2) 114

I use ZFS, with raid Z3, so, I personally go for the cheaper stuff. As long as I replace the drives when it fails, I'm good. Unless 3 of them fail at the same time.

But that's why I do a 1-2 month burn in before I deployed my last set of disks.

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