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Comment Re:So the news is that it still doesn't make good (Score 1) 112

Bummer. The Space Quest game was one I was interested in but missed (long time fan, SQ4 is dear to me) and I recently followed up on it since I was curious if it was released yet and I was shocked to learn that one of the original guys is taking care of a ill parent. I'm not excusing the issue, it just sheds some light on the delay. Looks like I'll be holding off another year until the price drops :D

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 1) 534

It's the same way Democrats have been promising illegal aliens that they'll take care of them and protect them from evil Republicans and make the citizens while at the same time Obama has ramped up deportations to the point that he's sent more home than Bush and Clinton combined.

The deportation figures are misleading and are actually down if using the previous administrations metrics. Basically inflated numbers provided by people blocked at the border are up vs those removed in country are down. Here's an obfuscated article on it.

Comment Re:Chinese Tourist Photos (Score 1) 137

There are many beautiful places in India featuring the remnants of past Kingdoms which illuminate art, technology, strife and innovation. The images depict life without sewer systems, which aren't coal or diesel powered, and poverty. Western nations do have their share of problems, the lack of sanitation systems and indoor plumbing, are not one which affects a significant number. Underscoring the severity of this issue recently there was a national campaign about poo in the loo.

Comment Re:My Apologies (Score 1) 174

there is an important fact you ignore: PCs now have less than 50% of the internet market in general, and I suspect smartphones and other devices' share will only grow in future, considering the slowing sales of PC and the increasing penetration of alternate gaming platforms. MS doesn't seem to see a way to stem the flow from computers to other devices, so they are maximizing their profits for the short term.

50% of a HUGE market which regularly has games at $49+, how many mobile games are people buying at that price? It's like Apple vs Android, there's more droid yet Apple nets 3/4 the profit. Microsoft can't figure out what it's doing - it's getting owned everywhere: lost it's ass with Windows Phone, Windows 10 is lackluster, their last bastions are Office and an attempt at the tablet market.

Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 0) 174

The fact that Steam has such a hegemony on PC gaming is not good, and that's just one example of why.

You mean like not limiting their players to a single platform? This argument can be reversed. The fact that Windows 10 limits players to only players of their platform, would absolutely fragment MMOs. Same old Microsoft. The faster that adware platform can be jettisoned the better.

Comment Re:Why I'm not upgrading (Score 1) 535

The fourth problem, and the most telling of all, is the overall choice to limit the hardware specifications--for example, the maximum allowed RAM--on a device that does not have user-serviceable RAM, no less, simply because it would have impacted battery life. This is an outright lie, because all you should do is make the battery bigger and the device thicker. This tells us that Apple again chooses to put design first and usability and performance last.

Evidently the RAM situation is due to LPDDR3 memory controller and the new Kaby Lake processors using LPDDR4. The Surface Pro suffers from the same RAM situation. I was hoping for something a little more for the refresh myself. I've been heavily looking into a ZBook.

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