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Comment Re:Alternative proposal (Score 1) 550

From THE wife - We work with the 'locals', as you prefer to call them, on a daily basis. We've lived here 3 years. We speak fluent Portuguese. My children are Mozambican citizens. Mozambique is home to us, not a job assignment, so excuse me, if we are not out exploring while our children are in their beds. They sleep at 7:30pm. We choose to stay at home when they do that, so sometimes a little entertainment is nice.

Comment Re:You're doing it wrong (Score 1) 550

From THE wife- We have lived here 3 years. My children were born here and are Mozambican citizens. We speak fluent Portuguese. We work with Mozambicans on a daily basis. We travel, rock climb, surf, enjoy playing in the backyard with sprinkler and our big slobbery dog. My husband hasn't gamed since my 1st child was born, so no I am not nagging him. My children sleep at 7:30pm. We live in MOZAMBIQUE, so Netflix does quite deliver, the Redbox is an ocean away, and our internet is too slow for streaming video. We sometimes can rent and download the movie over multiple nights. Don't act so informed; you aren't. My husband was asking so we could play a game TOGETHER. Hint, hint. Spending time TOGETHER.

Comment Re:Fix the problem, not the symptom (Score 1) 550

From THE wife - My husband hasn't touch games since my 1st child was born. Is that how addiction works? Quit assuming. So much to discover? My children are in bed during the time my husband was talking about. Should I leave them alone and go explore? We've lived here +3 years. It is home to us, not new and foreign. We enjoy our surroundings and travel as much has 2 kids under 2 plus a pregnancy permits. Our job works with local Mozambicans on a daily basis. We speak fluent Portuguese. We choose to be here and love it. I am blessed to have a husband inquiring about how to creatively spend more time WITH me, especially not vegging out in front of the TV.

Comment Re:Get a life dude (Score 1) 550

As the "female that was duped"... My husband is the most adventurous, romantic, thoughtful, smart, incredibly sexy man I have yet to encounter, and I have extensively traveled the world and have quite a broad prospective to compare to. Not to mention, I am really hot. Our spiritual life, family life, social life, and sex life are awesome. SO, get off your high horse. I love my husband and I love spending time together doing things we both enjoy.

Comment From THE wife (Score 1) 550

Thank you to those that gave entry game suggestions and other ideas for nightly entertainment. I, perhaps more so than my husband, am bored with our current entertainment options and am seeking MORE interaction with my husband, in a way that vegging out in front of the TV does not provide. I believe he feels the same, so made this thoughtful inquiry WITH my knowledge. As for my husband, in all my precious years on this earth I have yet to meet his equal as a husband, father, and overall person. He has romanced me from day one and has not quit, even as life has become more chaotic in our current phase of parents to babies. He makes consistent sacrifices for MY happiness, more so than I do for him. He gave up gaming, nearly completely the day we got married, and absolutely completely the day my first child was born. He is the most involved father I have ever known, from changing cloth diapers, washing them, playing babies and pretend kitchen, feeding the kids, bathing them, whatever is necessary. We share responsibilities. We are at a place in life where our children are asleep for the night at 7:30pm, leaving a few hours for our relaxation and entertainment, just the two of us. For those of you who don't have that time, I am sorry it hasn't worked that way for you. We are choosing to cherish these moments - TOGETHER. As for culture and getting to know the country, we are daily immersed with Mozambicans, have learned Portuguese fluently so that we can join them in in their beautiful country, as well as have chosen to birth our children right here and give them the opportunity and right to be Mozambicans citizens. Mozambique is more our home than any other place in this world. We have no possessions anywhere else. We LIVE here, not just on job assignment for a few years. NOT typical ex-pats. So, with all respect, you speak from assumption and ignorance. As for being active, we have a rock wall in our living room that even my eldest child and I enjoy. That should say enough, but on top of that, we have 3 surf boards hanging in our guest room, my children who are under 2, love the beach, the park, ice cream shops, and most of all playing the backyard with their father they adore and their ginormous slobbery dog. As for sex, while it is none of your business, it is a-maz-ing. (As 3 kids under 3 may prove.) And even if we did have sex every single night, do you really expect it to take up our whole evening, every evening? If you think that, you live in some alternate fantasy world. Again, thank you the genuine suggestions, we are taking them into consideration.

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