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Comment Re:Why waste CPU cycles on that vs. HOSTS though? (Score 0) 197

the only one that is clueless is you. why not try the APK hosts file you might find out that it works. but i know you will not use the hosts file because you are too chicken, witch in my book constitute you as a loser. but only losers make accusations about things they do not know. so why don't you think before you talk about something you do not know. OH YEAH......(LOL)

Comment Re:Why waste CPU cycles on that vs. HOSTS though? (Score 0) 197

well that is funny because when i use a hosts file i run faster, i do not get viruses or unwanted ad banners witch infect a lot of computers. but if you wish to get infected by viruses and Trojans then by all means keep doing what you are doing because i am going to use a hosts file in stead of using a DNS-servers. witch misdirect you to a file you do not want or to a virus or Trojan horse. so by all means keep infecting your self honestly i do not mind one bit. because i will just walk by and chuckle (LOL)

Comment Re:Do something with your life besides trolling (Score 1) 671

if you have seen through APK's ploys then why are you still here. the people that know APK will not believe you so just leave and do not come back. but then again you like running sock-puppets and trolling because it gets you off. but you know what it is TO EASY to take you out. because you will not comment on APK's three url's. so you are done and burned i will not believe you know matter what you say. you are lame and a loser.

Comment Re:Someone's dancing away from these 3 posts (you) (Score 1) 671

no the person that does not want the technical discussion is you. the one that started the personal attacks is you right from the get go when APK started to post on this forum. the only one that has been criticizing is you, and once people see you for who you are they will look at you and ask how could you. the only thing that is crashing down is your ego in an attempt to discredit APK and what he does trying to keep people safe from hackers\crackers like you.

Comment Re:How's that +5 INFORMATIVE rating doing vs. this (Score 1) 671

ya you know what is funny that he has the right guy. because this game you are playing with APK is backfiring on you and you do not like it. why are you posting anonymously oh! i know why because you have been burned by APK before and you can not handle it. talking about vast experience i have seen APK's education and experience first hand. i have not seen yours. now some of his ideas maybe insane, but when it come to computers i would believe APK over you any day. because all you want to do is sell false promises and bug up computers so you can make your money.

Comment Re:The "Lord of HOSTS" sayeth READ (serious) (Score 1) 671

you hit it on the head i am the angry voice of APK(not you dumb retarded jerk)still wrong as usual. do you not know when you are wrong or is being stupid your only gain in this war. but you would rather attack me hoping you are right about APK being me. well i have news for you I AM NOT APK. if you are in doubt ask your self this 1) why would you not send my pass code to my email address which is 2) you still have not answered the real AC three points that he has been telling you. 3) why wont you post your name in here. i will tell you why because you are scared to because you know you are going to lose money from what we are accomplishing here. you are nothing but a lair and a loser in one person.

Comment Re:The "Lord of HOSTS" sayeth READ (serious) (Score 1) 671

look i do not no who you are but this is the last time i am telling you that i am not who you think i am and you keep giving these people false information. then this is going to be an all out war. with you being the losers. if you really think i am APK or his sock puppet then go look in to the title jerk off and you will see who i really am. and do not tell me you can not do that because i know you can. even if you do not want to admit it to me. by the way you still have not answered any of the questions put to you are you scared to answer, or are you scared because you know AC is right. and by the way why would not give me my password to a previous account i had with you i know why because you did not like what i said the last time we talked retards.

Comment Re:The "Lord of HOSTS" sayeth READ (serious) (Score 1) 671

W.T.F i will tell you the same thing that i told that jerk off that thought i was the original AC. i am not APK and any of you retards think other wise then you are the biggest bunch of idiots on this thread. by the way do you always accuse a person of being someone else when they are not that person. you need to start looking at who you are accusing because net time you do this it is going to the crime division of the F.B.I.

Comment Re:Not just TELLING YOU, I am showing here here (Score 1) 671

i do not know who the hell you think you are but i did not reply to my own post retard. if you are going to try to put someone down or try to mess with them you had better make sure that you have the right person. the kings jokwers is not who you think it is retard. oh that is right you are one that needs the three hookers because of the 2 inches.

Comment Re:Not just TELLING YOU, I am showing here here (Score 1) 671

yes it is in black and white and any body that can not read or click on the link does not need to be here. so take a read and find the truth. and as for the naysayers they do not read the links because they are afraid of the truth. so i only have this to say to the naysayers "get a life" and get with the real program. secure your self from the viruses and malewaer.

Comment Re:Tell about Delphi, & also Nirsoft + SysInte (Score 1) 671

the real coward i see is you because you will not print your real name. in stead you print as anonymous coward. the only one that really needs to seek help would be you. you would have to hire three hookers because the other two would not touch you. then again you may have to pay extra to the hookers for the 2 inches.

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