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Comment Re:Why such terms? (Score 1) 319

My 5 year old cousin was diagnosed with Williams syndrome, and he will interact with complete strangers as if they are well known to him. Rick does have some cognitive deficiencies, for example he is currently unable to grasp the concept of addition, but knows all his numbers/alphabet various songs. He is able to recall relatively complex phrases/songs but is not able to make sense of them. I was not aware of this supposed lack of racial bias but Rick has no problem approaching people of any ethnicity, and seems to lack a concept of his identity as a brown person such as myself.

I'm not sure if this is a side effect of Williams syndrome or not but Rick has much better hearing than any of us in his family. If the phone rings and it is barely within earshot, Rick notices it. This is due to his fixation with things that beep, especially microwaves, phones and other electronics.

Fortunately Rick has been making major progress and is currently enrolled in kindergarten, but his short attention span means he requires an assistant to be with him at all times. I am suprised to see an article about Williams syndrome on slashdot but it's good that awareness of this disorder is being raised.

The Military

Lost Nazi Uranium Found In a Dutch Scrapyard 205

colin_faber writes "Lewis Page of the Register is reporting that forensic nuclear scientists at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre traced the two pieces of metal found in a Dutch scrapyard — described as a cube and a plate — back to their exact origins and dates. Apparently both came from ores extracted at the 'Joachimsthal' mine in what is now the Czech Republic from the former Nazi nuclear-weapons programme of the 1940s." The article runs through the roadblocks that, unknown to the Allies, the Nazi regime erected against their possible success in any nuclear bomb development during the war.

Comment Re:Difference between immolated and cremation? (Score 2, Funny) 793

Missing option:
cremated and then used as a fertilizer to grow some killer BC Bud, as seen in How High.

As a Sikh my people tend to be cremated after death, which I think is better than being buried in some overpriced box. Hope I am reincarnated as something cool like a tiger or black person.

Comment Re:What are the sensors made of? (Score 1) 484

I'm not sure what's used in these indicator strips but it's not litmus paper. FYI, the pH of water is 7, so it would have nothing to do with the color changing.

I successfully returned my water damaged phone to Bell by removing the water indicator sticker and replacing it with one I made myself using paper. It would have been very easy to detect but I got lucky I guess.

Comment CANADA 4 THA GOLD (Score -1, Offtopic) 399

off topic but...

all that matters is CANADA WON ANOTHER GOLD today!

And we're gonna win the gold in both mens and womens hockey, cuz we all know that the winter olympix are just aa huge hockey tournament with a bunch of other sports going on...

And vancouver rocks, if you need any BC bud and managed to get out of your moms basement long enough to reach the best city in the world, look for the brown guy with fake dreadlocks by the art gallery.

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