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Comment Re:It doesn't work (Score 1) 935

I too would much prefer to buy quality at a higher price. The problem is that production is driven by two factors, demand and profitability. Cheap items are made out of bargain materials with cheap labor. Thus break sooner and therefore sell larger quantities generating profit. Most people can't think past their own wallet and therefore buy the cheapest thing on the market. They cannot remember when the world was not a throwaway society so they don't see the problem. Hence, supplying the demand.

Those of us that do think are a tiny minority and our demand for quality items does not even make the tiniest blip on the radar of large corporations. I strongly suggest soliciting small, owner-operator businesses when ever possible. Obviously, in the context of this thread, you can't stop by Steve Job's garage anymore and pick up his version of an Xbox but you can for many other types of goods.

The more money we spend at large box stores them more of the damn things will show up in every neighborhood and the fewer option we will have in the future. Let the sheeple shop at super-mega-crapbox-mart. Small businesses can afford to have a niche market like the quality-minded shopper. Support the independent producers and keep the option to buy quality open.

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