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Submission + - MS Introduces 'Enhanced' Customer Service for 360

njkid1 writes: "Microsoft has improved its overall customer service for Xbox 360 owners. The company is offering free shipping both ways, promising faster service, and has increased the number of representatives. MS has also introduced a disc replacement program, but it's not free. Last December, after numerous complaints from Xbox 360 owners who experienced hardware malfunctions after the 90-day warranty had expired, Microsoft decided to bump the warranty up to one full year. Recently, on the official Xbox website, Microsoft revealed further warranty enhancements and an improved customer service experience, which includes free shipping both ways if a 360 needs repair. 5&ncid=AOLGAM000500000000003"
Operating Systems

Submission + - A Hobby OS Makes Itself Useful

Andy McLaughlin writes: "Version 0.67 of the hobby OS Visopsys was released today. Though it's not yet especially useful as an OS for real world use (true about many hobby OSes) it does seem to have found a bit of a niche with a repackaged version called "Partition Logic". Aiming to be an eventual free replacement for Partition Magic and related commercial tools, it makes use of Visopsys as a platform for boot floppies and CDs that can be used to repartition, move and resize partitions, etc. to the tune of 20K downloads per week. Some screenshots of Visopsys and Partition Logic."

Submission + - Hello, Hogwarts: invisibility cloak created

schliz writes: Engineers have designed a Harry Potter-esque cloak that renders an area invisible under certain wavelengths of visible light. The design is said to potentially be able to provide complete invisibility, pending the development of more advanced nanomaterials.

Submission + - Child porn 'art' to be made illegal in UK

zugurudumba writes: " ws/2007/04/03/nporn03.xml

Drawings, images and sculptures depicting child sexual abuse are to be made illegal, the UK Government said yesterday.

People caught in possession of "non-photographic" child pornography, which is currently legal to own, will face a three-year jail term.

Ministers said "genuine works of art" were not the target for the new law — though there will be concern that heavy-handed policing could see galleries raided."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - The Battle for Wireless Broadband

Bill_McNeal writes: At a panel in Washington DC this week, Skype outlined the full details of its plan to transform the wireless industry through federal legislation. Prof. Timothy Wu lashed out against the carriers for crippling their phones and networks while the CTIA defended the big four. Does Skype have a chance of opening up wireless broadband networks? Read more at

Submission + - How do you score the One Job?

dmayle writes: "We all know how to look for a new job. Polish up your resume, look at the job boards, beg your old college roommate, etc., it's not easy, but it eventually works. What do you do, however, when you want a specific job? How do you go about making the contacts necessary and getting through the recruiting process for your dream job? What if your dream job is in another town, or another state?"

Submission + - Xcerion prepares to launch XML Internet OS

Xcerion writes: "Linkoping, Sweden, (March 12, 2007)

Xcerion prepares to launch XML Internet OS, Northzone invests 10 MUSD to secure worldwide launch

Software should be free — Xcerion wants to challenge the software industry

Northzone Ventures has invested 10 million US dollars in Xcerion AB first-round VC funding to launch its collaborative XML Internet OS. Xcerion aims to distribute the OS and accompanying applications free as a massive service over the Internet.

Existing shareholders and investors in Xcerion AB includes; Lou Perazzoli, one of the original architects of Microsoft Windows NT and former General Manager of the Microsoft Core OS group, John Connors former CFO of Microsoft, Terry Drayton founder and former CEO of and David Löwenbrand founder of Kreatel.

The company has since its inception 2001 been in "stealth mode" and developed a revolutionary OS that changes how software is distributed, sold and developed. CEO, Daniel Arthursson says that the OS will enable the long tail business for software and provide an alternative for consumers and small businesses world-wide that are seeking a simpler, cheaper and more effective way of everyday computing. It will even make it possible to make money on software that previously was regarded as non-profitable due to associated development and distribution costs. Xcerions service enables an extremely low cost structure with high profit margins.

Xcerion especially hopes to give people that cannot afford to buy expensive, licensed software a viable alternative. New low-cost and thin computers may also be possible to produce running Xcerion Internet OS (XIOS) on top of a stripped down Linux.

During the next three years Xcerion expects to deliver hundreds of applications running on the OS — most of them for free. Mr. Arthursson says that the goal is not to reproduce all the functionality of current software — our aim is software for the masses and they often only need 40-50% of the functionality of today's software. The massive amount of applications that will be delivered is possible due to Xcerions unique technology platform and its underlying operating system (XIOS — Xcerion Internet OS) — a research and development project that has been going on for five years. The OS enables Xcerion and its partners to develop applications in XML that are visually orchestrated without any programming. This makes it possible for applications to be developed in weeks instead of years and become scaleable to millions of users.

One of the implications with Xcerions Internet service is that your desktop, software and documents will be available from any computer, anywhere — says CFO, Jonas Thornholm. Virtually every computer will become your personalized computer — "Every computer is my computer (TM)"

The secret is data centers that scales to millions of users and an OS with zero-footprint, zero installation that also runs on top of today's popular operating systems. The OS is delivered as a dynamic service over the Internet. This approach makes the cost for supplying software extremely low per user and also solves many problems like virus threats, backups and having to install upgrades and patches. It is already today possible to apply for a Beta account on Xcerions web site, The official launch is estimated to be in the third quarter of 2007.

In conjunction with the investment, Jörgen Bladh, General Partner with Northzone Ventures, will join the board. "Xcerion is a truly disruptive company. If they are successful, Xcerion will not only unleash the next wave of Internet computing but also change the software industry forever. Xcerion will create an eco-system that is unraveled in terms of the extremely low cost structure, the speed to create new applications, and the superior user experience."

Software should be free — unless you charge for it! (TM)

For press inquiries, please contact
- Xcerion, Daniel Arthursson and Jonas Thornholm,
- Northzone, Jörgen Bladh,
- Photos are available on:
- This press release is available as PDF on:

About Xcerion AB
Founded in 2001 by Daniel Arthursson, Xcerion AB ( provides a revolutionary Internet OS as a Web 2.0 service over the Internet. The service changes how software is distributed, sold and developed. The service includes a complete OS, productivity tools and applications needed for everyday computing. It scales for millions of users.

The core technology behind the Internet service is a new AJAX XML OS that enables Desktop Application Orchestration (DAO)TM — visual creation of software without programming.

Xcerion AB is based in Linkoping, Sweden with offices also in Stockholm, Sweden and Seattle, USA. The key management team includes, Daniel Arthursson CEO and Jonas Thornholm CFO.

About Northzone Ventures
Northzone Ventures has backed early stage Nordic technology winners since its inception in 1994. Northzone has nine General Partners based in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, and has through their five funds invested in close to 50 companies — they are currently active in 25 technology companies throughout Scandinavia. Northzone V was raised in April 2006 with 175 million Euro from top-tier European institutional investors.

Present and past portfolio companies include Funcom (OSE: FUNCOM), Lastminute (acquired by Travelocity, Inc.), Nextgentel (acquired by TeliaSonera), Pricerunner (acquired by Valueclick, Inc.), Stepstone (OSE: STP) and Trolltech (OSE: TROLL). For more information please visit"

Comment Re:not sure I get the controversy (Score 1) 441

It seems to me not that painters were made irrelevant or obsolete, merely the method in which they applied their skills were made obsolete. That is to say, skilled painters were not rendered immaterial by the development of photography--representative paintings were rendered immaterial. Impressionism, cubism, surrealism, dada, the entirety of the modernist art movement can be glimpsed as a move away from representation and toward something photography could never capture, no matter how skilled the photographer. Ultimately as it relates to film actors, until we find some way to surpass the uncanny valley effect of near-photorealism I'm not sure this will really be that large an issue. As some other commenters have pointed out, is there some deeper "sincerity" in an analogue falsehood than a digital one? I'm not sure there is, unless your paycheck depends upon it.

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