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Submission + - Linux.conf.au 2011 Schedule is now available (linux.org.au)

Dante_J writes: linux.conf.au is one of the world's favourite grass roots FOSS conferences and the schedule of presentations has just been made available for the next one. It's been described as a "thing of great beauty". "...the schedule for lca2011 includes topics from cloud computing and HTML5 to Kernel innovations and Databases as well as a FOSS powered Telco in Dili and Linux powered coffee roaster."
Operating Systems

Submission + - New P2P MMO gaming platform developed (arnnet.com.au)

oranghutan writes: The story talks about an Australian ICT research and development centre's new MMO gaming platform. The organisation, called NICTA, has created a peer-to-peer (P2P) network structure for its new platform, called Badumna. Basically, instead of using the favoured client-server architecture, Badumna uses the shared resources of P2P. The article says it was developed with 3D virtual world platform company, Vast Park. It quotes one of NICTA's researches as saying the platform is aimed at mid-sized companies for the time being and will be launched early in 2010. To demonstrate the capabilities of the software, NICTA Network Systems developed the FlatChat, which can be found at http://www.badumna.com/flatchat/. In regards to approaching big gaming companies to take on the platform he also said: "Blizzard is big and to approach it we would need a sleek product. We're talking AAA titles that need a lot of requirements in terms of database support and assistance. They need proper management and control tools so we are not ready for that yet." http://www.arnnet.com.au/article/315410/nicta_gaming_platform_geared_q1_release?fp=16&fpid=1
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - CCP Announces Expansion to the EVE Universe 1

Hork_Monkey writes: CCP Games, developer of the popular MMO EVE Online announces a new game called Dust 514. Building on the EVE Universe this game will provide planetary combat from a RTS and FPS perspective, with significant impact into the space combat aspects of EVE Online. Love or hate EVE Online, this appears to be an innovative way to expand the overall universe by catering to a different gamer audience.

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