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Third Falcon 1 Launch May Be This Afternoon 76

ElonVonBraun writes "The web is abuzz with rumors that SpaceX will attempt its third rocket launch today. In the past two days, they have also done successful tests of their bigger, stronger rockets. When the launch does happen, sometime during this five-day window, there will be a webcast. Betting odds are that they will do it around 4PM PST."

Virgin America Uses Linux to Entertain Inflight 117

anomalous cohort writes "CrunchGear has an interesting interview with the Director of Inflight Entertainment for the airline Virgin America, who discusses their adoption of Linux for the passenger's seat back computers. 'The ability to compose a music-video playlist is pretty cool and on the horizon. The READ section is also awesome in that it takes what is typically a bunch of wasted trees (excess newspapers, periodicals) and allows us to be more environmentally friendly and timely with things like news/event info/sports/entertainment etc.'"
Linux Business

Submission + - Wal-Mart's $200 Linux PC Sells Out (ecogeek.org)

hankmt writes: "About a week ago Wal-Mart began selling a $200 linux machine running on a 1.5 ghz Via C7 processor and 512 megs of RAM. While the specs are useless for vista, it works blazingly fast on Ubuntu with the Enlightenment Window Manager. The machine is now officially sold out of their online warehouses, and the product sales page at WalMart.com is full of glowing reviews from new and old linux users alike."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Cellhut won't take back fraudulent iPhone (consumerist.com) 1

Count Scrofula writes: On Friday, Sept 7, I received a 4 Gb iPhone in the mail from Cellhut.com that had been ordered using my stolen credit card number. Despite canceling the card and blocking payment, Cellhut refuses to accept return of the iPhone. The kicker? They are trying to charge me $660.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Switching to Linux?

macduffman writes: For anybody on /. who is both opiniated and a computer geek... must I make further qualifications? :-)

My Mac died recently (R.I.P., faithful servant) and I vomit a little bit every time I think about the price tags on a new one. But, I shudder at the thought of subjecting my family to Windows. I remember some of my college CS buddies were all about using Linux.

(1) How easy would it be to buy a new PC and switch it over to Linux?
(2) Do you recommend doing this?
(3) How do I do it?


Submission + - First Look at Oracle 11g database on Debian Linux (linuxinsight.com)

zlatko writes: "Brand new Oracle 11g database has been released just a few days ago, exclusively for Linux at this time. Here's a short review of Oracle 11g database installation on Debian GNU/Linux, together with screenshots. 11g is not certified to work on Debian, that makes it more interesting. While there's lots of great open source databases to choose from, we should still admire Oracle's continued support of Linux OS in enterprise environments."

Submission + - Sourcefire Acquires ClamAV

hairyfeet writes: "Sourcefire, Inc, The creator of the Snort intrusion detection for Linux, today announced the acquisition of leading open source gateway anti-virus technology provider, ClamAV. Sourcefire has announced that they will continue to develop ClamAv under the open source (GPL)license and have hired the original ClamAV development team to continue work on the project. Martin Roesch, Founder and CTO of Sourcefire and Creator of Snort is quoted as saying "The success of the ClamAV project is a direct reflection of the talent and dedication of the founding team and the project community. Sourcefire is committed to investing in and advancing the ClamAV technology, just as we have with Snort and Snort.org."

Here is the link to the press release-http://investor.sourcefire.com/phoenix.zht ml?c=204582&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1041607&highligh t="

Feed Engadget: DVD playback enabled on mod-chipped Wiis (engadget.com)

Filed under: Gaming

A mod chipping company called Team Symbiote has apparently created an application for owners of its Wii mod chip that enables the console to play back DVDs. This may not be the first mod to enable DVD playback, but since Nintendo still hasn't got around to providing the console with playback capabilities, we thought it'd be worth bringing it up again. Nintendo, how about hurrying up and making it so normal people don't have to buy dodgy chips to play a DVD or two on their console?

[Via Wii-News, thanks wraggster]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!


Submission + - Making '1984' Look Like the Good Old Days

theodp writes: "Q. What do you get when you combine 20,000+ police surveillance cameras with residency cards fitted with chips that store a citizen's work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity, police record, medical insurance status, landlord's phone number and personal reproductive history? A. The world's largest effort to meld cutting-edge tech with police work to fight crime by tracking the activities of a mobile population, if you ask security experts. Or a massive civil rights violation, if you ask human rights activists. The technology, which is being deployed to keep tabs on 12.4 million people in Shenzhen, China, is supplied by incorporated-in-Florida China Public Security."

Submission + - Salvation Army advertisement found using Nazi musi (dagen.se)

soccer_Dude88888 writes: Daniel Bystedt of Salvation Army of Sweden was trying to find the official salvation army song called "O Boundless Salvation" and found a video clip that has the famous nazi song "Horst wessel lied".

The incident is being reported to the Army's London HQ.

The videoclip is on:


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