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Submission + - Netflix Desktop Application for Gnu-Linux. (iheartubuntu.com)

tetrahedrassface writes: An app for Netflix-Desktop that is much cleaner and easier to install was released today. It is built for Ubuntu, but per the comments some .RPM builds are being worked on. The app runs well, looks native, and plays Netflix video nicely. Trust me, after building WINE via git 5 times to get the manual method method of Netflix running on LInux, the app is a godsend. Hop over and check it out. Hopefully it's the start of a great thing for us Linux users.

Submission + - Breaking, Entering, and Installing Linux In A Congressmans Office. 1

tetrahedrassface writes: A person, or persons broke windows out of Rep. Michael Grimm's New Dorp headquarters a few days ago, gaining entry to the office of the representative What they did then is a little odd, They installed Linux on his computers, but instead of a dual boot they wiped the drives. '"All of my polling data, all of the data from my IDs of voters, and a bunch of other campaign information. But fortunately we had everything backed up from literally hours before, so we don't lose anything because we have backups,' Grimm said. The representative is calling the action a 'crime against the government', FBI is investigating.

Submission + - Savage XR 1.0 is Savagely Fun. (newerth.com)

tetrahedrassface writes: If you played the original cult classic, Savage: The Battle For Newerth and were proud that back in the day the development team made a Linux version available there is good news. After years of work, and many SVN revisons a new, much more dynamic and savage Savages is available. The game is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows and many features have been improved upon. Notably a improved models, a new editor, custom content and much more. It looks wonderful.

Submission + - It's Amazing Really (How Far We've Come)

tetrahedrassface writes: In 2000, being newly married and very interested in Linux, I installed Linux on a machine that my wife was using. Well, the install went worse than expected and besides the winmodem not being supported, the Xfree86 didn't like the video card too much. Also, in attempting to manually partition the harddrive I wiped and deleted all my wife's resumes and documents on accident (Sorry honey). She almost divorced me over that one. Anyway in the ensuing years I put Linux on almost any machine my friends and family would dare let me touch. Mostly dual boot configurations, and my friends and family would always complain about having it installed. Yesterday my father borrowed my laptop running linux. I let him start the machine, login with the password and he was amazed. Whereas he always before never liked or was attracted to the look and feel of any distro I foisted on him, this time it was different. He browsed the web, checked his email. I let him go through the screensavers. I showed him how my digital camera is easily mounted. Gimp blew him away, as did LibreOffice. In aby event, I used to be derided by him for my Healthy Linux Addiction (tm). After he worked for an hour two, he said 'Son if I bring my laptop down here tomorrow will you put that on there'. My jaw hit the floor and it just reminded me of how far this whole thing has come. Imagine that, my dad asking for me to install Linux because he likes it. Maybe the world truly is ending, and pigs are about to start flying. We've come a long way.

Submission + - Linux Based Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network (lis.epfl.ch)

tetrahedrassface writes: When a disaster strikes connectivity can be one of the most important and least available resources for responders. The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne or EPFL have developed autonomous swarming, flying robots that run linux. The robots are low cost, and can run for 30 minutes per charge. Swarm controllers are implemented on a Toradex Colibri PXA270 CPU board running Linux, connected to an off-the-shelf USB WiFi dongle. The output of these controllers, namely a desired turn rate, speed or altitude, is sent as control command to the autopilot. These flying machines work in two ways. The first is to let the bots loose and let artificial evolution come up with good evolved controllers whose setting are saved for potential scenarios. The second is to mirror the was ants swarm and follow pheromone pathways. There is a lot of video of the swarm in action in the article, and it sure looks interesting.

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