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Submission + - Eunuchs Had More Fun: Castration Leads To Longer Lives. (

tetrahedrassface writes: "A study out from Korea verifies what the animal world has been telling us for years. Castrated males live longer lives. The study rounds out the period of the Chosun Dynasty where servants were castrated. The unit-less men lived on average 14 to 19 years longer, could marry and lived to the ripe old age of seventy whilst their royal employers lived on average into their forties. While the science is in, before everyone runs to get the service done to their person, it seems that the younger you are when castrated, the better the benefit.

Submission + - Shooting a parasitic eye worm with lasers.. (

tetrahedrassface writes: has a strange, painful article up about a man from Bellevue, Washington. John Mathews noticed that his vision had spots last year and went to his doctor, to see what was the cause of his vision loss in his left eye. After a number of visits to various optometrists, John was referred to the University of Iowa. What they found was a live worm living in his eye. Since surgery would be too destructive, a laser was used to zap the worm in order to kill it. From the article: 'I could see it from behind, moving, trying to dodge the laser.' With the worm now dead his body will slowly digest the worm, but his vision will never be the same because the parasite damaged his retina.

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