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Submission + - A Simple Guide For Creating Animations For Google

tetrahedrassface writes: When Google Plus debuted their pages a short time ago, many of us were very excited to have them. Their layout is clean, and fast. In short, G+ Plus Pages work. Many of us however noted that animated gifs are handled quite well in Google Plus, but on the header for a G'+ Page, well gifs don't work. However RedBull created an amazing page for their product and that had an animated header. I'm going to quickly explain how to do it in Gimp, so you too can have an interactive and engaging G+ Page (and hopefully stylish). In short animations do work, but the gif has to have jpg attributes!

1: Fire up Gimp!

2: Open a .jpg image and scale it to 150 x 150.

3: Copy that image.

4: Open a new project and set it for 150 x 150.

5: Paste your scaled jpg image into your new project.

6: Open your layers menu and rename the floating selection (pasted image layer to 'Background' and delete the old Background layer.

*Your project should now have the pasted .jpg as the background layer*

7: Create a new layer with layer tool and put whatever you'd like in there, drawing or what not. :)

8: Make as many layers as you'd like, then render the .gif, what really is important is having the .jpg attributes in the Background image layer.

9: Profit? :)

Submission + - Google Plus Already Affecting Search Results (

tetrahedrassface writes: "John Mark Troyer of VMware has noted in a post over on Google Plus that the recent implementation of Google Pages is already affecting search results. From the post, 'below are two searches for VAAI, a VMware-related acronym. On the left, I'm logged in to Google. On the right, logged out. On the left, the third result is from +Rich Brambley, someone I have in a Circle. That URL does not appear until page 3 of the logged out Google search. Another result from a blogger in one of my circles comes in as result #5 when logged in and not until on page 6 when logged out. (not shown)
What's the take home?
For Google+ users: be careful who you circle. It could affect your world view!

For organizations with pages:
* Make it easy for people to circle bloggers who write about you. Share good content from others! Share a circle!
* Start building your Google+ community. It will change how people find information about you and your activities.
* SEO just got a lot more complicated.
For journalists and media organizations:
* Sorry ZDNet, you just got bumped by a blogger."

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