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Submission + - Why Facebooks PR Fiasco Matters 1

tetrahedrassface writes: "Facebook. Sounds simple. Connect, find friends who you haven't seen in ages for a good reason and then waste time watching the dregs of society post inane and mostly useless bits into the giant sucking void of blue Facebook waste space. Hours are spent by millions upon millions of minions trying to outdo each other in garnering attention. Facebook wants you to ease ever further into the blue void of the human condition that encompasses you there. You might be jealous of an old friend who has made good. You might find someone hot. You might get laid. Yet, rather than being the a mere social network that brings people together, Facebook wants to own you, (and it does as long as you dare to tread your digital feet there). Recently Facebook has been smearing Google in an attempt to marginalize Google's Social Circle. Yes, Facebook preaches that anonymity is evil, and that doing duplicitous things is bad, yet it's so easy whilst there to be less than than angelic. They want you and millions more to stay there like a brainless lotus eater, and are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to keep you in that kingdom. They will do anything to keep you there."

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