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Submission + - Open Source RTI Progress Monitoring Software?

tetrahedrassface writes: My wife is an Exceptional Educator in an inner city school. As an exceptional educator she does a lot of progress monitoring and there isn't a web-based or computer based program that we've found that is Open Source. After did a bit of searching we found a closed, and proprietary RTI Progress Monitoring suite that seems to be just what teachers need, however it is pricey, and only runs on Windows. I was wondering if anyone out there has seen a multiple platform open source program that RtI Progress Monitoring Charts, Documentation of Observations, Interventions for Academic, Behavioral and Speech Goals and Assessments, plus Benchmarking and is Open Source, free and efficient?

Submission + - Education Reform: Jumping the shark. (

tetrahedrassface writes: Anthony Cody, who has been a science educator for 18 years argues that the national approach to education reform is flat busted. He notes that recent national media propaganda attempts to shore up support for education reform have failed because parents themselves largely believe the reforms are hollow political slogans that actually harm students instead of helping them. The now ten year old reform attempt which is largely based on standardized tests and data collection have not improved students scores on the college entrance exams. In fact college entrance test scores have remained the same with the exception of Asian-American test takers (who are the highest performing among U.S. students). From the article: "You leave no child left behind. You race to the top. Next year, you race to the bottom. Next year, you race to the side. Everybody's racing to something," Daley (Chicago Mayor) said. "Why can't you send us money to build our schools. ... All the teachers know that these are just political slogans. We should end it.'

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