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Submission + - My Energy Company Won't Net Meter (Version 2). (vec.org)

tetrahedrassface writes: My energy company is a public electric cooperative servicing several counties in Tennessee. For the past few years they have been participating in TVA's Green Power initiative where a person applies for a solar installation, TVA approves it, and then TVA pays .12 cents/kWh for the solar energy produced at your home. During this time, I have been busy insulating and switching over 70 bulbs to LED's and generally lowering household usage in order to install a solar system. Last week I called Volunteer Electric to inquire about the application process and to inform them that we would soon be purchasing at least a 10KW grid tie system. The lady in charge of the VEC's solar department told me they would likely not be signing back up with TVA's Green Power Switch program, and that they did not have to provide net metering. Today I called again after ordering my inverter, and she again told me that the CEO of Volunteer Energy had two major issues with solar:

The first was safety.

The second was not making money on solar power fed back into the grid. She urged my to write a letter to the CEO stating my concern and basically begging him for leniency in his soon to be rendered decision on whether to continue with TVA's program. She also said they were not required to install net metering even though the Energy Policy Act of 2005 states that:'(11) NET METERING.—Each electric utility shall make available upon request net metering service to any electric consumer that the electric utility serves. For purposes of this paragraph, the term ‘net metering service’ means service to an electric consumer under which electric energy generated by that electric consumer from an eligible on-site generating facility and delivered to the local distribution facilities may be used to offset electric energy provided by the electric utility to the electric consumer during the applicable billing period.' She told me the utility was only required to pay me .02/kWh if they don't continue with the TVA program. This seems unfair. Since all grid tie inverters shut down when the POCO isn't transmitting on the line what safety issues could they be worried about, and does the Energy Policy Act of 2005 give me a fighting chance of having fair net metering even if my public utility doesn't want to do it?

Submission + - Magnetarded!

tetrahedrassface writes: Take the sun and compact it down to the size of Manhattan. Then allow it to rupture and it blows out a flare which then blasts destruction into space. A moment in which more energy is released by a magnetar in the whole history of our sun is over in seconds. We would have no warning if this were to happen close to Earth? Should we worry?

Submission + - Open Source RTI Progress Monitoring Software?

tetrahedrassface writes: My wife is an Exceptional Educator in an inner city school. As an exceptional educator she does a lot of progress monitoring and there isn't a web-based or computer based program that we've found that is Open Source. After did a bit of searching we found a closed, and proprietary RTI Progress Monitoring suite that seems to be just what teachers need, however it is pricey, and only runs on Windows. I was wondering if anyone out there has seen a multiple platform open source program that RtI Progress Monitoring Charts, Documentation of Observations, Interventions for Academic, Behavioral and Speech Goals and Assessments, plus Benchmarking and is Open Source, free and efficient?

Submission + - Here, Have a Cheeto? Yes?

just_random writes: First off, I love Slashdot. Second, I am confused. Here is why. When I vote on a story in the firehose it automatically goes *down* in rank! Has anyone else had this occur? I like reading the submissions. It is mostly nice reading what everyone writes, and then a story just rocks, and clickity click the button and down, down, it goes. It is depressing in a way, but retaliation seemed fair. Yes. Retaliation. "Well just how did you do that", you wonder to yourself. It seemed reasonable that if a story looked good and the '+' button means in reality '-', then perhaps a good story came along I'd just say it sucked and vote minus. But then, as this story was being written I voted plus on one and up it went (so there goes that theory), or does it? Slashdot has an intelligence and it is fucking with our minds!!!! Now, you don't have to believe any of this but please, seriously.. have a Cheeto and think about it.

Submission + - Alcatel-Lucent Built Network in Chattanooga: Faste (informationweek.com)

tetrahedrassface writes: Information Week has picked up the story of Chattanooga, Tennessee's recent debut of 1 Gbps residential and business broadband service.Google has been pushing for this type of service and has received over 1,100 applications from communities around the country. Since Chatty is the first to offer this service, making it the fastest in the United States, there are some growing pains already. Harold DePriest, the CEO of the Electric Power Board that has been running fiber out for over 4 years now states 'We don't know how to price a gig in this country, and no one does, so these rates may come down.' As as test bed for other communities across the country, what is the fair price of 1 Gbps? Noting the investment that EPB has taken on in the face of the economy, when asked why they have built this network Mr. DePreist said, 'Because we can.' It may take a while for applications to catch up to this level of speed on a consumer level, but as other communities look to mirror this service costs will come down, but what time frame are we looking at for widespread adoption nationwide?

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