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Submission + - My Power Cooperative Doesn't Offer Net Metering. ( 2

tetrahedrassface writes: I'm a resident of rural Tennessee and love it. However despite the loow electricity rates, I'm wanting to install a 10KW grid tie solar system. Last week I spoke with the lady in charge of VEC's solar program that's in partnership with TVA's Green Switch program. The lady said that Volunteer Energy would likely not be renewing the contract with TVA for solar energy production and they were not required to do net metering. To be fare a call to TVA was then made by me and they were quite surprised thqat VEC would not be renewing their solar initiative. Today a call to Volunteer Energy again revealed that their CEO is holding out on renewing the contract with TVA, and that my request for net metering doesn't have to be honored. According to the Energy Law of 2005 every public electric company has to comply with a written request for net metering. Is my electric company willfully skirting the law in order to not support solar? How can I best broach the topic and the Federal mandate that all public electricity providers allow for net metering?

Submission + - Here, Have a Cheeto? Yes?

just_random writes: First off, I love Slashdot. Second, I am confused. Here is why. When I vote on a story in the firehose it automatically goes *down* in rank! Has anyone else had this occur? I like reading the submissions. It is mostly nice reading what everyone writes, and then a story just rocks, and clickity click the button and down, down, it goes. It is depressing in a way, but retaliation seemed fair. Yes. Retaliation. "Well just how did you do that", you wonder to yourself. It seemed reasonable that if a story looked good and the '+' button means in reality '-', then perhaps a good story came along I'd just say it sucked and vote minus. But then, as this story was being written I voted plus on one and up it went (so there goes that theory), or does it? Slashdot has an intelligence and it is fucking with our minds!!!! Now, you don't have to believe any of this but please, seriously.. have a Cheeto and think about it.

Submission + - Alcatel-Lucent Built Network in Chattanooga: Faste (

tetrahedrassface writes: Information Week has picked up the story of Chattanooga, Tennessee's recent debut of 1 Gbps residential and business broadband service.Google has been pushing for this type of service and has received over 1,100 applications from communities around the country. Since Chatty is the first to offer this service, making it the fastest in the United States, there are some growing pains already. Harold DePriest, the CEO of the Electric Power Board that has been running fiber out for over 4 years now states 'We don't know how to price a gig in this country, and no one does, so these rates may come down.' As as test bed for other communities across the country, what is the fair price of 1 Gbps? Noting the investment that EPB has taken on in the face of the economy, when asked why they have built this network Mr. DePreist said, 'Because we can.' It may take a while for applications to catch up to this level of speed on a consumer level, but as other communities look to mirror this service costs will come down, but what time frame are we looking at for widespread adoption nationwide?

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