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Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 98

According to Wikipedia, English is the largest world language

So, that makes it likely that people are able to use it with the skills of native English speakers? How's your Spanish and Mandarin?

Remember, it is better to sit quietly in the corner having everybody think you're a moron than to open your mouth and remove any lingering doubt.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 98

Based on the way you wrote your comment, proper English wasn't a requirement for your "uni" degree

I always find it funny when retards like this comments on the use of the English language, thinking it is the only language used in the world. Why is it that retarded Americans actually think the "World Series" encompasses any significant portion of the world?

Comment Re:Probably under seal (Score 3, Interesting) 73

He could probably avoid this issue if he became a Russian citizen

Probably not. As most countries (the US included) Norway does not (typically) extradite its own citizens to a foreign country, however it is bound to extradite to countries who (lawfully) request it irrespective of the nationality of the individual if the individual is not a Norwegian citizen. This is generally the practice all over the world. The Norwegian Supreme Court has just ruled that a wanted Iraqi terrorist who lives in Norway can be extradited to face charges in Italy. He can however not be extradited to Iraq since that government is unwilling to guarantee the terrorist will not be executed.

As HuskyDog points out below, if he gets a Russian Diplomatic Passport, the Norwegian government can't go near him. On the other hand, issuing a diplomatic passport to Snowden might be too pricey even for Putin.

Comment Re: But..... (Score 1) 197

Pot, meet Kettle

Actually, not even close. Someone who uses Windows, OSX and Linux for whatever they are best at can not be considered religious about an OS, but someone who claims there is one true OS certainly is religious - which is the opposite of rational.

we have a tendency to choose the best tool

If you go for Linux on the desktop, this is certainly not true. Cheapest tool for the job, perhaps but best? Not even close. On the desktop, even Windows beats Linux, all the time, every day. In fact Linux has ZERO advantages over Windows on the desktop. Now, of course, when tin-foil hats are your preferred headgear, well, perhaps you feel more comfortable, but there is nothing making it better as a tool.

Comment Re: But..... (Score 1) 197

It is perfectly fine to want Linux on the desktop. The Mac (as a Unix box) is heads and shoulders above what Linux will ever become, but that's all right too. If you are happy with the state of Linux apps, good for you. As someone who needs more than development tools, Linux is not a desktop solution for me, and even for development, both Windows and Mac makes a Linux desktop box look like a toy. A poorly designed, almost unusable toy, but a toy all the same.

You stick to your religion, it's a nice idea. You are virtuous in the eyes of the /. community, which I assume is your primary reason for using Linux on the desktop. I can think of no other reason that could be considered rational.

Oh, and before you get all exited, my first Linux install was SLS somewhere in late 1992 early 1993, can't remember for sure, when I upgraded my Minix 4 channel BBS box to Linux. I later ventured into QNX territory, which I much preferred to Linux at the time. My favorite platform was SunOS, and when they betrayed all sense of reason and moved to Solaris, I moved to BSD. After all this, the only conclusion is that the only Unix flavor that works on the Desktop is OSX.

Comment Re:Phishing, not hacking. (Score 2) 116

Got a call from "Microsoft" a little while back. The original caller informed me my PC was in trouble and then transferred me to my Scandinavian representative, Mr Gundersen (I kid you not). Mr Gunderson spoke English with a heavy Indian accent (why he didn't speak any of the Scandinavian languages was never explained). Anyway, me, being a really dumb user, took a long time to accomplish what Mr. Gundersen wanted me to do: download and install TeamViewer.

After a good hour I finally "managed to install TV" so Mr. Gundersen asked me for the ID and password. I gave him a random number and the password was f-u-c-k-y-o-u. He tried it several times, but our connection was going bad, so I kept saying "hello", "hello", "hello" and hung up. After a few minutes a rather angry Mr Gundersen called me back and explained in some detail how I could have a sexual encounter with my mother. I didn't really take him up on that. It was a fun hour or so, and I needed an hours break at the time :-) Two colleagues monitoring our conversation also had a good time. I was a really stupid computer user. Just finding the TeamViewer website (which turned out was not on my local computer and therefore not accessible from my Explorer) took a good 15-20 minutes.

Comment Re:25 years, still garbage for the mainstream (Score 1) 316

No, blind fanboy hate. I use Linux for development every day, and it is great. OSX is better for a lot of things and Windows is better for a lot of other things. What I am not is a whore tied to one platform despising other platforms based on a religious affection to an operating system. I know which OS is good for what, and Linux is the absolutely worst of the main stream OSs for every day usage for regular people. Windows and OSX both beats it by many, many miles.

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