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Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 414

You could, in theory, use your Chromebook as-is in the future, with a third party, locked down, server that has an IDE on it, to develop Android apps.

But how would one connect to this server while riding the bus? Wi-Fi doesn't hand off nearly fast enough in my experience, and switching from cable Internet at home to cellular Internet everywhere would reduce my monthly data transfer quota from 1000 GB per month to 5 GB per month.

Comment Re:Pc master race (Score 1) 414

noone plays 3 games at once.

What? Is Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits the new Chuck Norris?

If you meant "no one", then ability to run multiple games at once means you can do split screen co-op more easily instead of having to buy a separate machine for each player.

Rendering wise, was indered by internet if we talk remote computing.

It still is, at $5 to $10 per GB over cellular if you want to do anything on a tablet or laptop while at from home.

Comment Child labor law (Score 1) 414

I grew up in the 90s, and compilers were too expensive for a child. A single release of a crappy 16-bit compiler cost a quarter what the computer shared by the whole family cost, so it was like a combined birthdaychristmas present to get just one of them.

Turbo Pascal ad Turbo C were $99.

Key word: "child". When I was growing up, $99 was a combined birthday and Christmas present. And it was a crime for anyone to employ me.

Comment Re:What a load of bullcrap (Score 1) 414

The problem comes when someone wants to try doing "so much more than just programming" for the first time but can't afford $2000 for what will have by then become a niche product. We already saw this with the discontinuation of netbooks at the end of 2012, for example. A warranted 10 inch laptop suddenly went from $300 to thrice that.

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