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Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

Online Wii games stopped working just a few years after they were released... why?

Two reasons. First, Wii online multiplayer matchmaking was through GameSpy, and GameSpy went out of business a little over a year after the Wii U was released. Second, GameSpy's library was linked statically into each Wii game, and Nintendo neglected to include a patching mechanism for disc games in IOS, the operating system of the Wii. Nor could it issue an update to IOS to allow this because of the Wii's anemic (0.5 GB) internal storage. (The same lack of space is why downloadable "channels" (applications) were limited to about 40 MB.) So even if it wanted to issue a patch to allow use of third-party game servers, it had no official means to do so.

I even miss the little world weather thing. I'd often pop in to just twirl the globe for a moment... it couldn't possibly cost anything significant to run the freakin' weather server, could it?

Yes. Licensing current conditions and forecasts from a commercial service with worldwide coverage costs money. Some national government agencies, such as the National Weather Service in the United States, provide without charge, but those are specific to each country, and integrating all countries' weather information also costs engineering time=money.

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

Online gaming is a cancer and blight upon the world, anyway. Proper multiplayer is splitscreen or LAN.

After you've graduated and your classmates have moved away, good luck finding partners for "Proper multiplayer" in your home town. How is that usually done, especially for people like me who don't drink alcohol and whose coworkers are non-gamers?

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

Anyone still on cable can get their DVR through the cable company.

True, cable and satellite offer whole-house DVR. But a lot of people using antenna+Netflix aren't willing to upgrade to cable or satellite TV just to be able to record episodes that are on antenna but not Netflix, nor are they willing to pay $600 over the life of a TiVo DVR for the required service.

Not that it's Nintendo's responsibility to provide DVR functionality or anything.

Comment Not all baseball matches are MLB matches (Score 2) 62

Don't challenge MLB if you know what's good for you.

I don't know what you're getting at because "challenge MLB" can have any of several meanings. If you start your own league unaffiliated with MLB, do you "challenge MLB"?

Major League Baseball has copyright over broadcasts of matches between MLB clubs or between clubs in MLB-affiliated minor leagues. It does not have copyright over broadcasts of baseball matches in other leagues. Video game publishers, on the other hand, control which leagues are even allowed to exist.

Comment Is "game after game" grammatical? (Score 1) 62

To help you understand, we will first need to understand your English proficiency. Of the following phrases, which is the first to sound ungrammatical to you? That'll help me craft an explanation.

A. Researchers "who test the theories"
B. Researchers "who test the theories in games"
C. Researchers "who test the theories in game after game"
D. Researchers "who test the theories in game after callus-creating game"

Comment Re:Easy Work-Around (Score 1) 157

In a scheme to evade hotel tax through early termination, the following happen in order:

1. Previous tenant leaves early.
2. Owner reports to Airbnb that the previous tenant has left early.
3. While the property lies vacant, you book your accommodation.
4. You book your travel.
5. You stay and leave early.
6. Owner reports to Airbnb that you have left early.
7. While the property lies vacant, someone else books her accommodation...

Comment Theft from NY's other residents (Score 1) 157

Where, exactly, is the theft in renting the property?

Technically, copyright infringement isn't theft. Offering TV at a negative price to cable Internet subscribers is tying or dumping, not extortion. And in the same way, owner-absent short-term sublets are evasion of hotel tax, not theft. But morally, tax evasion could be thought of as like a theft from the other residents of the state, who have made a decision through their elected representatives to tax a particular behavior.

Joe Sixpack rents a place, but then he "has to cancel" and leave early *cough*. He pays the owner an "early-termination penalty", and then the owner would, of course, relist the room to be rented.

Where is the crime, and how would anyone prove that anything illegal had occurred?

The proof is that the property's owner failed to document good cause for early termination with more than three-fourths of the lease term remaining by five out of six sublessees of the same property. An allowance for "good cause" isn't a bright line, I'll grant, but it's like the difference between an excused absence from school in states with truancy laws and an unexcused absence.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 269

You don't make new friends at work

Co-worker friends who are non-gamers don't help for this. I'll have to figure out how to approach my co-workers to ask if they're at all interested in gaming.

or at the bar/club/activity that takes place outside of your own home?

Finding a physical third place is the one thing I haven't figured out, especially for someone such as myself who has chosen not to drink alcohol and isn't interested in the more cult-like aspects of religious organizations such as Jehovah's Witnesses.

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