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Comment God heals amputees in two ways (Score 1) 154

God heals amputees in two ways, one in the present and the other in the future. One is by leading smart men and women to develop innovative prosthetics and other means to make amputees' impairments less disabling.* The other, if prophecies in Isaiah, Revelation, and elsewhere are to be believed, is by describing his plan to resurrect the dead into rebuilt bodies to fix up the earth during the millennium after Armageddon. These rebuilt bodies would have the limbs needed for the job. This second bodily healing doesn't happen prematurely because God is busy illustrating a point to Satan.

* An "impairment" is a problem in body function; a "disability" is the consequence of an impairment on activities of daily living.

Comment The threat of lawsuits from parents (Score 1) 779

The threat of lawsuits from parents ought to be enough to discourage the sexual abuse that occurs during production of CP. Or is the majority of CP produced by parents with their own children? And what sexual abuse occurs during production of animated CP, which some jurisdictions have also banned?

Comment Month granuarity is the problem (Score 2) 253

Say Newsweek and nine other sites all noticed a sharp drop in advertisement revenue due to tracking blockers and responded by putting up a paywall. How many visitors would actually be willing to buy a whole month's subscription to all these sites for $40* just to read one article on each site? Or if you operated such a site, which micropayment method would you use instead to sell access to individual articles?

* Assuming each site offers the same price as WIRED ($4/mo)

Comment Re:Chromebook? (Score 1) 211

In that case after 30s it boots anyhow, still in dev mode.

Unless the person who turned on the computer presses Space to wipe the drive, not knowing that he or she isn't supposed to do that.

Also if you're lending it to someone they're not going to need to power it off/on, just logon/logoff.

You'd be surprised at what novice users actually do despite not needing to.

Comment Windows 10 != Windows 10 Enterprise (Score 2) 351

Its hard to imagine windows 10 getting any traction in the business world if you couldn't turn this consumer nonsense off.

Microsoft doesn't want Windows 10 "getting any traction in the business world". It wants the more expensive Windows 10 Enterprise "getting any traction in the business world".

Comment cron (Score 1) 139

The number of people who want to download huge files for offline use and who are willing to stay up until a particular time of night to start the download

You don't have to stay up if cron or Task Scheduler stays up for you.

is similarly tiny,

When Microsoft is pushing out a new 3 GB "build" of Windows 10 to hundreds of millions of Windows Update clients, that's certainly not "tiny".

Comment Re:Angry Bush (Score 1) 73

I prefer the PC because you can make a game allow for an xbox 360 joystick.

But what fraction of PC gamers are likely to actually own an Xbox 360 controller? I'm told many only have the mouse and keyboard, and I'm told PC gamers on the whole tend to be uninterested in games that work better on a joystick than on a keyboard. Am I wrong?

but I prefer the PC because you can make a game allow for an xbox 360 joystick.

Some Android games can use an Xbox 360 controller through a USB OTG adapter, which has a USB micro-A or C plug on one end and a USB standard-A receptacle on the other.

Comment $40 TCO hike for BT- and USB C-only audio out (Score 1) 379

We might end up seeing Bluetooth-to-3.5 mm [...] adapters

You can buy a bluetooth adapter that plugs into the aux jack of your car for as little as $40.

Exactly. But this $40 has to be added to the total cost of ownership of one's first phone not to include a 3.5 mm jack. Can they make the phone $40 cheaper to compensate?

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