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Comment Re:How to catch fopen() without hooking kernel? (Score 1) 96

Why ban wolf 3D just as they app store does not like the content?

That depends on whether they banned Id's parent company Zenimax from posting it or whether they banned third parties from posting it.

Third parties, game assets included
Zenimax has sent notices of claimed infringement to those hosting source ports bundled with game asset files (such as WAD or PAK).
Third parties, game assets not included
App store operators want all source ports distributed to the public to be "self-contained", with the engine and game assets in one package authorized by the game assets' copyright owner. A source port with an "Open WAD..." command executes code that has been downloaded from somewhere.
The App Store Review Guidelines appear to contain what amounts to a general policy against historical fiction. The guidelines as of this writing state: "'Enemies' within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, real government, corporation, or any other real entity." NSDAP-controlled Germany was a "real government". Like the adult case, this isn't quite as technically defensible.

Why ban NES EMU's just because big N said to?

Different repositories have different excuses.

Tom Callaway explained on Fedora's legal mailing list (part 1; part 2) that Red Hat lacks the spare change to pay lawyers to defend a lawsuit. Even if it's winnable, Red Hat's financial resources are better spent elsewhere.
A ban on emulators probably has little to do with threats from Nintendo. In fact, Nintendo has approved classics compilations containing the free PocketNES emulator for sale on Game Boy Advance (one containing games by Atlus and another with games by Jaleco) and Nintendo DS (extras in Konami's Contra 4). The issue here is the "Open ROM..." command. App store operators want all emulators distributed to the public to be "self-contained", with the emulator and ROM in one package authorized by the ROM's copyright owner. An emulator with an "Open ROM..." command executes code that has been downloaded from somewhere.

Comment Digital entitlement (Score 1) 139

I get the impression from "Activation in Windows 10" that when you upgrade to Windows 10 or install Windows 10 with a Windows 7 product key during this offer, your digital entitlement is stored with Microsoft. So if you upgrade before the end of July, go back to Windows 7, and then reinstall Windows 10, it will access the same digital entitlement.

Comment Re:Potentially more abuse prone than the H1B visa (Score 1) 325

I'm sure there's some other designation you could use that would exclude obvious diploma mills but include mid-tier state universities and other schools (e.g. Notre Dame) that aren't AAU members.

Is regional accreditation an appropriate metric? That'd exclude debt-bait schools like those relying on ACICS.

Comment Representing constituents (Score 1, Insightful) 325

She didn't support it, until it turned out that a lot of voters supported it, so in 2013 she changed her position and supported it. It speaks to principles. Hers are "say what's popular."

In government by the people and for the people, since when is listening to the constituents that you represent a bad idea in general?

Comment Only national accreditation or also regional? (Score 1) 325

Accreditation has already been heavily compromised in order to suck up student loan money.

Is this only true of national accrediting agencies, such as the infamous ACICS (which the Department of Education will likely shut down), or also true of the regional accrediting agencies that oversee traditional universities?

Comment Re:How to catch fopen() without hooking kernel? (Score 1) 96

But a whitelist requires more diligence to maintain if you don't want to turn a PC into a game console

A whitelist is a gateway to an app store only system with censorship and lack of choice.

That's sort of what I was getting at. It really depends on by whom it's managed. Some PC owners can be trusted to maintain their own whitelist; others can't.

If by an experienced user
A whitelist managed by an experienced user is highly effective, as described in an article by Roger A. Grimes and a SANS white paper. It's even better when you have a couple such users to handle application evaluation requests in a company's IT department.
If by an inexperienced home PC owner
A malware publisher can social engineer a user to approve malware. Some people actually prefer censorship because they don't trust themselves to perform the "vigilance" that is "the price of liberty".[1] In fact, ease of use is why game consoles are still around, as what some consider "censorship" others consider "peace of mind that I won't irreversibly break something". But a solution requires precisely defining "censorship", as malware authors would claim that they're being "censored".

[1] Thomas U. P. Charlton. The Life of Major General James Jackson. Augusta: Randolph & Co., 1809.

Comment Feed /dev/zero into a CBC cipher with OpenSSL (Score 2) 200

Some SSDs use lossless data compression (analogous to gzip) to pack more sectors into fewer physical pages so that they don't have to spend quite as much time erasing pages. To avoid this possibility, you might want to use a cipher to generate noise that the drive's firmware cannot compress.

  1. TRIM the entire drive.
  2. Feed /dev/zero into a CBC cipher with openssl enc .
  3. Perform a "Secure Erase".

Comment How to catch fopen() without hooking kernel? (Score 3, Informative) 96

Without adding file system hooks to the kernel, how should a real-time antivirus tool trap attempts to read potentially infected files?

Sometimes I think the PC Matic guys are right: a whitelist is a more reliable way to block malware. But a whitelist requires more diligence to maintain if you don't want to turn a PC into a game console, and diligence is something sorely lacking in the non-technical majority.

Comment Re:"Did a tiger just run out of my Butt?" (Score 1) 33

Of course one reason to look up a song is because you misheard some lyrics and want to know what the song was.

Misheard lyrics are more likely to pull up misheard lyric sites like, provided that someone else misheard them the same way. Unlike the major lyrics sites, these don't have quite the same pressing need to license lyrics from the publishers, as there's a clearer fair use argument for their presentation of 1- or 2-line snippets in the context of comment on the vocal style of a popular recording.

Google would prefer that you buy and carry a smartphone and subscribe to cellular data so that you can use the Song Search widget in Google Play Music.

Bad Lip Reading version

What about the misheard Bad Lip Reading version? "Every iPhone poops because it isn't an Android and should be destroyed"

Comment Data per hour for X11 or VNC (Score 1) 138

Another potential option: Chromebook and a Linux VPS.

If I'm not mistaken, you're referring to leasing a VPS and using it as an app server through SSH, X11, VNC, or RDP from your online Chromebook. This might be useful for someone who is online all the time, such as someone who A. drives, B. rides transit in an area where transit provides Wi-Fi, or C. already subscribes to a tetherable cellular data plan and has more data allowance left at the end of the month than he knows what to do with. (Someone like me would have to subscribe to cellular data in order to enter category C.) How much data per hour does X11, VNC, or RDP over an SSH tunnel typically use, so I can go to and calculate the cost of this fourth option?

Comment Re:Create? (Score 1) 138

Thank you. After the discontinuation of netbooks, I've been looking for something to replace mine. Now I know there are two now and one coming soon:

  • Chromebook with x86 CPU running NaCl Development Environment
  • Chromebook running Crouton, with conspicuous warning on screen bezel not to reenable OS verification
  • Tablet with clip-on keyboard running Android N, once it is released

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