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Alarm Raised On Teenage Hackers 213

Arno Igne writes to tell us that the number of underage participants in "high-tech" crimes has risen steeply in recent history. Reporting children as young as 11 swapping credit card details and asking for hacks, many are largely unskilled and thus more likely to get caught and arrested. "Communities and forums spring up where people start to swap malicious programs, knowledge and sometimes stolen data. Some also look for exploits and virus code that can be run against the social networking sites popular with many young people. Some then try to peddle or use the details or accounts they net in this way. Mr Boyd said he spent a lot of time tracking down the creators of many of the nuisance programs written to exploit users of social networking sites and the culprit was often a teenager."
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Journal Journal: Graduation

Shoudl have mentioned this earlier, but in honor of graduation in less than 12 hours, I'll mention it now.

I have a new website. It will be the new home of my journal. Enjoy.

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Journal Journal: Much delayed update

This post was actually written April 21st, but I haven't gotten around to finishing it until now. I'm going to add yet another post to cover the last two weeks at some point in the near future...

Lots has happened.

New Voices went off well. There were hitches. Grief went as I envisioned it.

You're Never Alone was enjoyed by the audience. It was a one joke monologue... with lots of little jokes. It's not something I'm ashamed of, but I don't consider it award worthy.

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Journal Journal: Umass

Entertaining weekend all around

Friday, went to Umass to watch the shows. Arrived at half hour late. It was interesting because the professional Chicago troupe, Bossley, was doing a very entertaining set, yet the audience was relatively passive. The audience Friday was, overall, pretty dead.

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Journal Journal: Procrastinate

It's Sunday. Tomorrow I have my meeting for my graphics independent study. It's coming along well.

Friday was the GI reunion show. Ton of performers. Ok sized audience.

The show itself served its purpose, that being a nostalgic night with old people. Improv-wise, the show was absolutely wretched; if I was a stranger who paid to watch it, I'd have asked for my money back. But the show wasn't about the show, it was about the reunion.

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Journal Journal: Film Like

Adam has been handed a cut of the movie, so he should currently be in the process of scoring it. Right now I'm taking the video and running it through a post process to make it look film-like.

Television is 30 interlaced frames per second. That means every other line is drawn on the screen, 60 times per second. It's complicated. What's important is that movies are 24 frames per second (and it isn't interlaced).

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Journal Journal: In Your Head

Being in your head, the act of thinking rather than paying attention and reacting on stage, is the bane to any performer. Here are some signs that you're either in your head or about to be.
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Journal Journal: Plateau is nearing its end

I think I'm on the verge for my next improv growth.

Last night I posted to Yes And's message board, asking what to do if my partner gives a lot of exposition. I wanted to know if it's alright to say "Why did you just ask that?" My worry was, it's a cheap way of not making it about the thing they expositioned about.

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Journal Journal: IA

Last night, finally went to see ImprovAsylum with Craig. I hadn't seen a show until last night, and could only judge its quality based on its buzz and training program graduates (both of which, positive).
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Journal Journal: The Final Term Begins

Tuesday was the beginning of the term. I'm doing an ISP (independent study for non-WPI'ers) with Professor Agu on the .Net architecture.

Originally, I was going to take Data Mining with professor Ruiz. I didn't particularly like AI, and the first day of class reminded me I probably wouldn't like Data Mining. Now, I'm taking an ISP with Professor Ward on Graphics Scripting (in MEL, Maya Embedded Language).

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Journal Journal: Youth is a Commodity

March break is almost over. Spent some time relaxing. Spent time watching tutorial videos. All in all, I think it was well spent, but still I feel like I fiddled it away.

Today was my class at IB. I was 5 minutes late due to a backed-up tollbooth, so I miseed the warmup. Normally I'm skeptical of warmups, but I think it would have helped today. I wasn't as comitted as I could have been. Still, I learned, and it was productive.

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Journal Journal: Break

Handed in my MQP friday. The term is over. One term to go. In theory.

Today was the start of my Level III class at ImprovBoston. I'm pretty exited. Not just over the content, but also the people. Based on today's work, they seem to be fun to play with. Fun people make improv fun. Unfun people make the most technically proficient improv abhorant.

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Journal Journal: Comedy Festival

The festival was outstanding.

The workshops run by Will Leura and Mat Gagne were great. Definately reminded me of important, important things I'd forgot.

The shows were great. Big variety of acts. Saturday was definately a personal showcase night for me. Before intermission, Empty Set went on. I called cues, and the show went off without a hitch, to a great response.

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