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Comment Re:IBM you say? (Score 1) 92

So the Australian government opted to host this thing on their own servers

Where did you get that from?

You must be new here. On Slashdot, you don't need to be right, you just have to sound right to get mod points.

I see you went for the other strategy, which is to accuse other people of making stuff up because you are yourself too lazy to even read TFA.

You must be new here. On Slashdot we don't read TFA before posting ;-)

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 110

And this is exactly why the general public needs encryption and why various TLA outfits and buddies like to use the "think of the children" garbage to denounce it.

Rubbish. If you've nothing to hide... you aren't a protestor... you keep your head down... do what the government tells you... aren't unlucky enough to get caught in a wide sweeping dragnet... then you have no need for encryption or privacy!

Comment Re:Another government fuck up, when will we learn. (Score 1) 92

It's okay, it isn't like anyone ever tells the truth on the damn thing.

According to it, this time, I have changed my religion from Jedi to Sith.

I don't know about Australia. In the UK, the whole point of the Jedi thing was to point out that the only part of the census that was optional and didn't need to be truthful was the religion question

Comment Re:Yes, and maybe (Score 1) 225

I don't know when the first emojis were used, but I remember them in the early '90s. Emotion-icons, emoticons, were tags to express emotions over the emotionless text. ;)

What you're describing are emoticons. AFAIK, emoji's originated later from cellphones in Asia; although they're clearly inspired by emoticons.

With regards to the OP and his obsession with bandwidth, emojis use less bytes than a lot of emoticons...


Comment Re:Probably Can't Do That (Score 2) 246

And no I don't think kids and Pokemon Go go hand in hand .. Adults play Pokemon go more than kids I have yet to see kids play it but all my friends who play are adults.

Well there are more adults around than their are kids, but to say kids don't make up a sizeable portion of the players would be inaccurate. Admittedly most of my friends are adults, so most of my friends that play Pokemon Go are adults, but that's selection bias! I see plenty of kids playing it at the mall or in the park.

I don't see the connection of Pokemon Go and kids and sex offenders.

I go running in the park, I sometimes see kids playing it in groups. I usually give them a friendly hello and ask them if they've caught any yet as I pass. It's not inconceivable that a sex offender could strike up a more meaningful conversation, so I can see some kind of connection.

Obviously this legislation would be ridiculous, practically uneforcable and there's much better areas they could be focussing on. However, I can kind of see where they're coming from even if it is a bit of a kneejerk "think of the children" reaction.

Comment Re:Utility and deviance of the User Agent (Score 0) 104

my UA gives, among others: 1) exact version of the (Mac) OS a.b.c, 2) exact version of chrome a.b.c.d which is IMO too much info. The OS and Chrome should be limited to 2 numbers a.b.

I would have thought that the more numbers in the version number then the more frequently it'll change which makes fingerprinting (slightly) harder over time?

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