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Submission + - Microsoft is hiring again: at $0.52/hr (nlcnet.org) 2

teknopurge writes: I actually like most MS products, which is why I was shocked to stumble across this story. 'KYE recruits hundreds-even up to 1,000-"work study students" 16 and 17 years of age, who work 15-hour shifts, six and seven days a week. In 2007 and 2008, dozens of the work study students were reported to be just 14 and 15 years old. A typical shift is from 7:45 a.m. to 10:55 p.m. ....Along with the work study students-most of whom stay at the factory three months, though some remain six months or longer-KYE prefers to hire women 18 to 25 years of age, since they are easier to discipline and control' Now I'm all for a global economy and the re-balancing of markets that comes with it, but it seems that there is some serious normalization that needs to be done in these economic cycles. The trend has been to move toward cheap-labor centers for the past 10 years or so. When is the backlash in the markets going to take place?(wages increases abroad, better working conditions, near-shoring becuase the off-shore costs are rising, etc...)

Submission + - Is Google running out of gas? (cnn.com)

kulbirsaini writes: "CNN is carrying this wonderful article describing where Google's Advertising business is heading in near future based on stock market analysis and Advertiser's experiences. The article also gives a brief overview of how Google's growth is decelerating. Read the complete article here."

Submission + - Cringely (infoworld) on Google & IP addresses (infoworld.com)

dtwood writes: "Infoworld's Cringely on Google and whether IP addresses are 'personal' information: "After all, Google is one of the most open companies on the Net. Also: I'm the father of Jamie Lynn Spears' love child, and I give handsome lessons to George Clooney....The problem with that last paragraph is that none of those statements are true. Google is one of those companies that seems completely open — 'here, come in and have a oat bran muffin while we massage your feet' — until you ask them a question about what they do or why they do it. Then they cinch up tighter than a frog's nether regions." Worth checking out."

Submission + - Antivirus Inventor: Security pros are wasting time (darkreading.com) 1

talkinsecurity writes: "Peter Tippett, chief scientist at the ICSA and the inventor of the progam that became Norton Antivirus, had some interesting things to say Monday about the state of the security industry. In a nutshell, Tippett warned that about a third of the work that security departments do today is a waste of time. Tippett goes on to systematically blow holes in a lot of security's current best practices, including vulnerability research/patching, strong passwords, and the product evaluation process. Some of his arguments are definitely debatable, but there is a lot of truth to what he's saying as well. It definitely makes you think. http://www.darkreading.com/document.asp?doc_id=145224&WT.svl=news1_1"

Submission + - Will Sun-MySQL ignite a database price war? (searchoracle.com)

Mark Brunelli writes: "Sun Microsystems' $1 billion MySQL acquisition could ignite a price war between Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, according to one IT industry analyst. MySQL's free, open source DBMS lacks many of the frills associated with Oracle and other proprietary database technologies, but it's also far less expensive over time, said Noel Yuhanna, a database market analyst with Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc. And now that it's backed by datacenter veteran Sun, he said, MySQL's relatively new technology is more likely to be seen as a viable option by large enterprises interested in cheaper alternatives. If MySQL starts to attract big business away from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft, Yuhanna says it's a safe bet that the big three will respond with new pricing options and less expensive database management packages."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun needs to fix MySQL (computerworld.com)

jcatcw writes: "Sun has a lot of work to do according to some MySQL users. Complaints about technical issues include problems with MySQL's replication, logging and internal memory-allocation features, and performance and concurrency problems when it's paired with InnoDB. Sun will also have to mend fences with users who are unhappy about sales tactics and who claim that MySQL has ignored their development suggestions."

Submission + - McAfee Admits GPL Violation Publicly... oops! (wordpress.com)

Spinlock_1977 writes: "The Inquirer (UK) is running an article on a recent public statement by McAfee effectively admitting they've stolen GPL-licensed code, and are now concerned that their products that include it could pose a liability. One could argue which demonstrates greater stupidity: Using GPL'd code without abiding by the terms of the GPL license, or admiting it publicly. Either way, McAffee's management could now face a litany of legal actions ranging from a GPL suit to a shareholder class-action-mismanagment-angst one. From the article:

"To the extent that we use 'open source' software, we face risks," McAfee stated.

McAfee explained: "Use of GPL software could subject certain portions of our proprietary software to the GPL requirements, which may have adverse effects on our sales of the products incorporating any such software."

That statement says several things. First, it reveals that McAfee does use at least some open source software derived code in its products. Second, it betrays that McAfee has misappropriated that open source software and thus is committing copyright infringement, because it doesn't distribute that open source software derivative source code.


Submission + - The latest SAAB goes hypersonic

G3ckoG33k writes: SAAB has launched, quite literally, the world's first remote controlled hypersonic missile. The missilie is operated at more than Mach 5.5 (about 6500 km/h). The domain-b article says "A manoeuvrable missile fired at hypersonic speeds is difficult to oppose. The speed means that reaction times are minimal [...]". Who would argue with that?!
The Courts

Submission + - Has RIAA expert Jacobson contradicted himself? (blogspot.com) 1

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "A year and five months after examining the defendant's hard drive in UMG v. Lindor, the RIAA's "expert" witness, Dr. Doug Jacobson, has issued a "supplemental report" which appears to contradict his earlier "reports" alluding to the hard drive inspection. In view of the superb job the Slashdot community and the Groklaw community did in helping first to prepare for, and then to vet, Jacobson's deposition, I humbly submit for your learned review the now three (3) versions of the "expert's" opinions based on the hard drive, for your analysis. As with almost all federal litigation documents nowadays, they are, unfortunately, in *pdf format: (a) December 19, 2006, declaration; (b) unsigned October 25, 2006, report, awaiting approval from RIAA lawyers; and (c) December 15, 2007, version. The initial observations of commentators on my blog are located here."

Submission + - NSA has real-time access to Hushmail servers

An anonymous reader writes: A frequent source 'A' sending updated NSA-Affiliated IP resources to Cryptome's Web site has reported the following new information:

"Certain privacy/full session SSL email hosting services have been purchased/changed operational control by NSA and affiliates within the past few months, through private intermediary entities."

Reportedly the following services are controlled:

Hushmail / Canada (http://www.hushmail.com/ ), Guardster / USA (http://www.guardster.com/ ), and SAFe-mail.net / Israel (http://www.safe-mail.net/ )

Link: NSA Controls SSL Email Hosting Services: http://cryptome.org/nsa-ssl-email.htm

SecuriTeam Blogs: http://blogs.securiteam.com/?p=1052

Additionally, there is more information about NSA's role on Windows security software industry provided ('further details regarding which publishers and their means of facilitation' mentioned by Cryptome post on 1st Nov, link mentioned in Bugtraq post referenced below).

Cryptome: NSA has access to Windows Mobile smartphones http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/483129

Submission + - IBM Fat Cat Declares War on Employees' Fat Kids

theodp writes: "Introduced by CEO Samuel J. Palmisano, IBM's 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report probably should be a contender for worst corporate communication of the year. Where should we begin? The attaboy for a Nun-run program that's reducing the absenteeism of self-reported HIV/AIDS-infected IBM employees in South Africa to two days a year? The up-to-$500 matching grant IBM provides annually for retraining after your inevitable job loss? The pledge to only use voluntary prison labor? The 'Healthy Living Initiatives' program, with its financial penalties for employees that refuse to get-with-the-program, which is now being expanded to take aim at employees' children who don't eat right, exercise enough, or lack 'healthy weight habits?' The 65% employee satisfaction rate?"

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