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Submission + - FAA Grounds Beer-Delivering Drone ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Minnesota-based Lakemaid Beer Company posted a YouTube promotional video of a drone ferrying a case of beer to some fishermen on a frozen lake. After the video was posted on YouTube it got the attention of local media. The Federal Aviation Administration promptly gave the Lakemaid president a call and told him to stop.

This makes you wonder if Jeff Bezos will be able to get Amazon PrimeAir approved by the FAA.


Submission + - Nvidia Announces Project Shield, Android Based Gaming System (

tekgoblin writes: "Nvidia has announced today their first gaming system based on Android and the Tegra 4 called Project Shield. The device is capable of running the Unreal Engine and has outputs to connect directly to your TV. Shield is also running the Android OS so you can enjoy everything about Android as well on either your TV or in your hands on the device. It also supports the new Nvidia Grid gaming and streaming movies and games from your PC or the internet.
The system was being demoed on a new LG 4K TV with HDMI out and it was beautiful. The system performed quite well to all tests and even was able to stream content such as games installed on Steam on your own computer directly to the Shield device to play. So basically you can create your own gaming cloud with Shield inside your own home, you can play the games on your PC from your Couch or while laying in bed."

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - World of Warcraft cities turn into deathtraps, hacker suspected (

tekgoblin writes: "Players logging into the World of Warcraft servers tonight beware that hackers have struck some of the major cities. It appears from the videos that the hackers have opened trial accounts and used level 1 characters to enter the cities and execute a script that instantly kills everyone around them at the time."

Submission + - EU says Apple's Warranty Advertisements are Unacceptable ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The European Union believes that Apple should be investigated for the way that it advertises warranties on their products. EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding wrote to the member countries which is 27 to ask them to check whether Apple retailers failed to let buyers know about the right to a minimum 2-year warranty for products such as the iPhone and iPad under EU law.

Submission + - Bungee jump for a free copy of Borderlands 2 (

tekgoblin writes: "Borderlands 2 was released this last Friday September 14th and now 2K games is offering to give away some free copies. There is small challenge involved in getting a free copy of the game. You will have to bungee jump off a platform at the Old Truman Brewery in London. This Sunday September 23rd there will be a special crane designed by 2K games setup to bungee jump off of to get a free copy of the game."

Submission + - AT&T Announces Highest iPhone Sales Yet (

tekgoblin writes: "AT&T has handled the iPhone since its first launch in 2007 when AT&T was chosen as the launch carrier in the US. AT&T has stated that the iPhone 5 was their biggest launch so far in terms of units sold on opening day. The iPhone 5 was actually sold out on Apple’s website for launch day shipments. In 1 hour iPhone shipments were pushed back 1 week past launch date."

Submission + - Rackspace 'expects to steal customers' from Amazon with OpenStack (

DerekduPreez writes: "Rackspace has announced that it will launch its open source infrastructure-as-a-service platform, OpenStack, in mid-August in the UK, where it has said that ‘expects to steal customers’ from market incumbent Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The public cloud offering will include servers and databases, but also files object storage with a content delivery network, cloud sites, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for .NET and PHP, load balancers and monitoring.

Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology at Rackspace, told Computerworld UK that although this is will be the first public cloud launched using the open source technology, other big vendors are soon to follow, which will give users the ability to spread applications across a number of clouds.

“I do expect to steal customers away from Amazon, because I think that some of the functionality in OpenStack is better than what AWS has. Also, in reality I don’t think people will move over one little widget – major cloud users don’t want to put everything in one cloud, so what you will see is an awful lot of people that are on Amazon starting to try stuff in OpenStack,” he said.

“Cloud is such an emerging and growing market, especially in the UK where we are about 18 months behind the US in terms of adoption, that I think we will grow just as much as Amazon will.”"


Submission + - Dropbox confirms security breach, adds new features (

tekgoblin writes: "Dropbox reported that they started to receive reports from users that were getting spam at addresses that were only used for Dropbox. So Dropbox spent some time digging into those reports by their users and found a small problem.
Their investigation returned results that showed that usernames and passwords were recently stolen from other websites were used to login to a small number of Dropbox accounts. The users that were affected were already notified and actions were taken to help protect their accounts."


Submission + - Man claims cell phone taken by DC police for taking photos (

hawkinspeter writes: Just one day after Chief Cathy Lanier made it illegal for MPD cops to take recording equipment, a 26-year-old local man had his phone taken as he was trying to record a violent arrest. They eventually gave back his phone, but without the memory card which also contained photos of his daughter along with the record of the alleged police brutality.

Submission + - Demonoid Down after DDoS attack (

tekgoblin writes: "Sometime yesterday most Demonoid users in the millions noticed that they could no longer access the site. Instead of the usual welcome they got a “server too busy” message. The message indicates that the server may just be busy for the time being and come back later. However later never came and the site has been down for a long time."

Submission + - Apple no longer interested in EPEAT certification ( 2

tekgoblin writes: "Apple has sent notice to EPEAT Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool and will no longer be submitting their devices for review. EPEAT certifies devices in their ability to be environmentally responsible. The certification process also checks whether or not the device will be easily dismantled and recycled with regular tools. Apple’s latest devices such as the Macbook Pro with Retina display are ineligible for certification due to the inability to easily dismantle it."
The Courts

Submission + - Apple to pay $60 Million over iPad trademark dispute (

tekgoblin writes: "Today the Chinese court has stated Apple, Inc. has agreed to pay a local Chinese company $60 Million dollars to settle their infamous iPad name dispute.

In 2006 Apple purchased the Taiwanese rights to the name “iPad” from the company Proview Electronics. In China however, the trademarked name was still owned by Proview Technologies, a Shenzhen based subsidiary of Proview Electronics. Since 2011, Proview Technologies has battled Apple in the Xicheng district court and in 2012 the Santa Clara Superior Court. Both cases are still ongoing."

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